Monday, December 14, 2009

"Aside from getting robbed it's been a really great week."

Its been a very awesome week in the mission!! As you know, Filadelfia went home on Tuesday and transfers were on Wednesday. So Monday was spent hanging out while Elder packed his stuff. I didn’t have to pack or anything because one missionary always stays in their area to have some fluidity in the work. So I already knew I would stay in Cambe for at least one more transfer. But we stayed Monday night at the house of some elders in Centro in Londrina, with like 6 other missionaries (I don’t know why they were all there, but it was fun!) Then he left in the morning at like 9 or so to do some seminars or something with Pres. Leal and have interviews and stuff. So I worked with Elder Alem on Tuesday. He is an old dude, 22 months or so on the mission already. But that was cool to work with another missionary and see how it is with other people and their teaching styles and stuff. His was slow and frequently interrupted by return trips to the house to use the bathroom. But it was a fun day.
I found out that day that my new comp would be arriving the next day at 6 AM and we needed to meet him at the bus terminal. So we woke up extra early the next day and collected my new comp, Elder C. Thrapp! He is an American from West Jordan! He is super rad. He was working in Cascavel before arriving here. He went to USU the year before me and is an Ambassador like Scott Laneri! We have been working like crazy in these first four or five days. We taught 25 lessons in our first 3.5 days, which is comparable to a very good week in most areas! Things are very good, he teaches with the spirit and I think we are really working well together. Americans and Brazilians are very different for sure. It’s awesome to be able to experience the two methods and mentalities.
Genivaldo has kinda stopped progressing. He has not started reading the Book of Mormon yet, which is a real stumbling block. Hopefully he gets himself in gear soon and gets himself a testimony! But we taught a lot of good people already. We found a couple of teens who are ill, Enzo and William. They are super cool really, and have an awesome desire to find God in the right way. Also, our returned missionary, Thiago, pretty much has this girl Daniela ready for baptism. She already has testimonies of the Book and of Joseph Smith… we will baptize her on the 26th! The work is going really well here, and its so easy to see the blessings of sacrifice and obedience when we really dedicate ourselves.
Im SOOO disappointed about the memory card! I was moronic enough not to back anything up on a DVD or anything, so now some jerk postal worker probably has all of the photos that I took for the first three months of my mission!! GREAT!! But we are used to getting robbed by now: we got held up yesterday on the way to lunch after church. This dude pulled up on a motorcycle and started asking us about our church and stuff. He was speaking poorly and had a helmet on, so I couldn’t really understand him. But he was chill until all of a sudden he said he had a gun under his shirt (he obviously didn’t, it was like a trash bag or something) and to pass him our cell phone. So Thrapp gave it to him and he left. That was pretty lame, but luckily he only took our 20 dollar phone. It sucks to not have our phone though, cause we need to talk with the zone leaders and stuff every day. Hopefully we get a new one soon. In the future I'm not gonna deal with fools stealing stuff from God. If someone pulls that crap just walking on the street, it’s a kick to the face; if he's on a motorcycle I'm gonna play the American card and say ´No entender` and hand him a Livro de Mormon or something.
Aside from getting robbed it's been a really great week. Next week I will talk to you guys on the phone!! That’s super rad huh!!! We are going to go to the chapel and talk to you from there. So we will get the phone number from the bishop and I'll send it to you next week. Elder Thrapp said its very difficult to find an international calling card here, so it's easier if you will call us. I think if you call at about 11 AM your time it will work out well. But I'm so stoked to talk to you all!! If you can't all be there at that hour let me know, we can change it. But that’s what we have planned.
I'm so sorry about all the photos! So dang crappy. Maybe it will show up. But meanwhile thanks for all the support, love and friendship! Stay in the faith and work it spiritually always. Moroni 8:3.
Love Joey

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