Monday, December 7, 2009

" I throw down doctrinally on them regularly!!"

This week was pretty good. We found a lot of people that are really cool, some of them are elect and ready to go, others need some big changes (MARRIAGE is a constant problem, nobody is married for real!!)
Genivaldo is really sick. He has no problems with the word of wisdom, sabbath, chastity, or anything. He is liking the messages a lot. He just needs to do his part and read the Book of Mormon. Others are comin along too, Emerson, Ana Paula, and Noemia are dong great. Really it's going so fast here it's hard to remember what happened this week and what was before that. But this is the last P-Day of my first transfer! It flew by holy dang! I have learned a ton of stuff, I'll list a bit of what I've learned in my highlights.
WOW I can speak now!! It has come so far since I arrived, I am able to teach so much more and converse casually too. It really is such a blessing that the Lord has given to me, because a lot of people really struggle with it. And I have only known the language for 3 months, so I have a lot of hope!!!
2. Courage
It is not uncommon for people to try to reject an invitation to church before we can give it. I am progressing now and have raised the courage to frequently ask people that say they have a religion “Why don't you want to learn more about Christ?” or “Are you afraid that our church is true?” And other such things that seemed nuts to me recently. Honestly I never spoke to strangers before the mission, and now I throw down doctrinally on them regularly!!
3. Patience
I already talked about this, but being with one person non-stop for 5 weeks requires a lot of patience. It's so so important to remember the big picture and that we are working for the same goal. Throughout this, things are a lot more simple and honestly more enjoyable. This needs to be applied in all parts of life: to look past tiny faults and find joy, good, and truth in all things.
4. Happiness
I'm so DANG stoked to be here!!! It has been marvelous so far!! I really hope so much that the memory card arrives soon. The photos are so fun for remembering the things that have happened already. I'm sorry I haven't sent any to you through email, I need my cable!! I'm trying to send a couple today if I can find a way.

It was great to hear from the whole family this week!! Everyone has such different writing styles and lives, it's ill to read how your lives are going! I love you all very much and hope the best for you!! Pray for the memory card!


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