Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"...someone tried to hit us on a motorcycle."

This week has been super bomb!!!  Ari and Neide, the couple that got married, had a 180 degree change!!  Holy crap!!  Ari especially has decided to stop putting his trust in the Quadrangular pastor interpretation of the Bible and ask Heavenly Father.  So in his search during the last week, he prayed, read the Book of Mormon, and thought a ton about his previous baptism; if it was valid and if he really needed to be baptized again.  He got a shockingly strong answer: YYEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!  
He is solid as can be for baptism on Saturday!  Holy dang that is a huge miracle!!  So we are super stoked about that here in MeD.  His wife is also probably going to be baptized.  But she is really shy and for some reason thought that she would have to take off her clothes in front of everyone (this has absolutely no explanation, she already watched the baptisms of her five children, and I really hope they all kept their clothes on.).  Aside from that, she is also ready to be baptized. 
Well, aside from that we had not a ton of weird or exciting stuff. 
Something I forgot to mention last week is that someone tried to hit us on a motorcycle.  I don't think he was really smart, because if you hit two average sized males on a motorcycle, you will definitely fall off.  And then it is you against two angry 20 year olds, one of which was in the Army, the other who has a really hardcore rap crew that will fight anyone. 
But I'll explain what happened.  We were walking on this busy road that doesn't have a sidewalk.  There are these deepish gutters on both sides.  So he turns onto our street about 50 meters in front of us.  He was going normal, then started driving in the shoulder.  We didn't panic, because we assumed he would just abandon his lame joke after a few yards.  But he kept coming.  Elder Carmo was like "AAAAHHHHHHHH"  I was like "Ah come on"  then we both jumped over the gutter to the grass on the other side.  He passed right where we were walking.  So that was a funny experience, Elder Carmo got a little mad at him but I was like "ah he probably fell asleep or something". 
We have run into a sticky situation with the majority of our investigators.  They won't go to church.  So it is a little hard to keep the momentum going if they don't do their part.  We had a zone conference and talked a little about how we can maintain momentum and get people baptized while they are feeling the spirit a lot instead of waiting for a super long time and letting them lose their interest.  That was pretty good.  Zone conference is always excellent. 
I got a letter from McKay, he said that his mish and Nick´s are being partially merged, so maybe they will end up in the same one.  That would be sick.  My buddy Jim here is a zone leader with 10 months... that humble dogg is easily the best missionary in our mission. 
Well I don't really have a lot to say this week, sorry.  Things have stayed pretty much the same since the last week. 
I played organ in sacrament meeting.  I bet nobody ever saw that coming, but I did it.  It's crazy to think that I, with my minimal knowledge, am the best/only player in this branch.  But it's good to contribute what I can to help the members be happier and have more desire to go to church.
Love you all

Whatever comes up, comes out; I don´t put my hands over my mouth.

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