Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"We continue working and hunting the elects."

On the phone (I promise I still haven't ever smoked weed, don't let the eyes fool you)

Hello, it was great to talk to all of you on Sunday! It was good to hear that everything is good there. Everything is good here too. Thanks for all the support and words of encouragement. It was good to hear about all of the latest dealings of everyone.
I'm a little jealous of the weather you have there. It has been very cold here the last few days, and unfortunately heating doesn't exist because all buildings are just made of bricks, so there isn't room for ducts and stuff. But sweaters, socks, and blankets take care of it. Also I have gained an elevated appreciation of Cevada. I think it is kind of healthy and it is hot, so that is pretty solid. I don't really like tea so much anymore, it is cheaper because it is made with water rather than milk, but it is really weak and doesn't sustain the body at all. So I have been relying on Cevada and bread, which is really good actually.
The work here has been good. We found a great family consisting of Cesar, Rose, Marciano, Marcos, Marcia, Vagner, and a baby. They are a great family with a lot of special perks. Cesar and Rose are actually married, which is rare in the lower-middle and lower classes. They are not going to any church at the moment. The moved here little time ago, which is something that is actually important. In Preach My Gospel, we learn that three indicators of people that might be willing and ready to accept the gospel are: 1. People that had a recent death in the family; 2. People who recently had a child; 3. People who recently moved into the area. They moved into the house that a member vacated, so we were like "Let´s teach there." They are really excited about the gospel, Cesar and two children went to church on Sunday, and they are stoked about the Book of Mormon.
We have been doing family meetings the last two weeks. We can't call it family home evening because it isn't on Monday, and Brasil is really uptight on "standards" compared to Utah (hard to imagine, but true).
Elder Carmo is concerned about his brother because his mom said he has longish hair. I told him that his concern is completely senseless. I think I would have been pretty persecuted in my youth if I lived here LoL.
But basically we just get a few families and investigators and a member gives a thought, we sing, we elders leave a message, and we eat something afterward. It is pretty good, it seems to really help unite the members and help the investigators feel at home.
Well really I told you about pretty much everything in the phone call. We continue working and hunting the elects. I finished Jesus the Christ this morning. That was a good book. It sounds like the other books written by James E Talmage are ill too, House of the Lord and Articles of Faith and The Great Apostasy are books that I want to read when I get home.
The Brasilian national team for the world cup was announced yesterday, no Ronaldinho! Everyone here is pretty perturbed, many now believe that Brasil wont make it out of the group. That would be hilarious hahaha.
Don't feel like you need to send me anything, but if you send something send peanut butter eminems.
Love you all!
Playing soccer with Lyon

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