Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"...she will run into the waters of baptism."

Wow I just realized that I have been here for ELEVEN MONTHS what the heck! How did that happen?!
This week has been very excellent, we have aumented (is that a word? I think augmented...increased is what I am going for) our group of investigators about 150 percent. We found a lot of really good investigators and marked a ton of baptismal dates.
Elder Miranda and I are getting really close, becoming really good friends. I have been lucky to have basically only good companions so far on the mission.
We did a division for basically the last two days. I worked with Elder ____ on Monday. He is having an incredibly hard time speaking Portuguese, so he was able to vent with me and basically tell me stories about how he has anger problems. He realllly likes me, so I know that I am safe, but I am not so sure about he and his trainer. Tempers are short in that house and they cannot communicate at all.
Then yesterday I worked with Elder ____, who has a knack for finding and teaching, very emotionally and passionately, teenage females.
But we found one girl who seems like she listened to us not just because of our muscles (LoL). Her name is Taís, and she is 15. Basically she goes to an evangelical church called Brasil for Christ, but has not been baptized and wants to be.
We taught her about the restoration and she said that when she receives an answer to her prayer and knows that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true, she will run into the waters of baptism. So that was a pretty cool experience.
The rest of the week pretty much consisted of us running all over the place trying to contact all of our 97 references, figuring out which ones actually exist, who gave us their address as a joke, and stuff like that. So that has been fun.
This week was pretty chill, I don't have a lot of really interesting information. I miss soccer still, but will survive.
Love you all, best wishes

"But look how they treat us
Make us believers
We fight their battles
Then they decieve us
Tried to control us
They couldnt hold us
Cause we just move forward
Like Buffalo Soldiers"

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