Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"So that's a pretty good ending considering how horrible her life got really fast."

Mom, I was so sad and amazed to see the news that you broke your wrist. Again. I know that has to be so frustrating and painful. Thinking about the small injuries I have had, like my knee last summer, they frustrated me so much because I was unable to do trivial things like play soccer and work. Not being able to type properly, work, and also having the terrible discomfort of surgery (minus the great anesthesia just before going out) must be very frustrating. I really hope it gets better fast!
This was a pretty dang good week here in the mission. We had a lot of good success with our Native Americans. Four of them went to church on Sunday, double last week's tally. They all really liked it and one of them, whose name is Lourdes, has a strong desire to be baptized in a river. So we are going to try to make that happen ASAP!
Things got smoother with my companion, he is talking again, but I have become more frank with him, telling him when he acts like a child and stuff like that. It probably sounds pretty rude, but if nobody tells him he will honestly never figure it out. So I have been doing that.
I talked to Elder Wright last week, turns out his sister is a member of the Woodruff Ward. Her name is Mary I think. He is going home next week. So you can expect Mary to not be in church next Sunday or something.
Well we have been consistently finding good new people to teach. We have been teaching this really good lady named Josi. She has really liked our messages and tells us how much she feels/recognizes the spirit when we are teaching. She was super determined to go to church on Sunday, but a problem came up in the family. Her son-in-law came home Friday night high and drunk. His wife (Josi's daughter) started yelling at him, and they ended up fighting in front of the house. As this was happening, Josi's 3 year old son and "Husband" arrived, and both of them ended up in the middle of the fray and her son got hit a few times and thrown onto the pavement. He was ok, but there was of course a lot of emotional and psychological damage.
We visited her on Monday and she told us the whole story and just unloaded a ton of held-in tension and sadness on us. She said her "Husband" pretty much disappeared because he is scared of dealing with difficult situations. But she said she is even more dedicated to go to church this Sunday and feel the spirit again. So that's a pretty good ending considering how horrible her life got really fast.
I have been reading the Old Testament a lot lately, geez the OT has a lot of really weird stuff that is completely useless! But it also has gems in the mix, and a ton of really funny things that happened.
Well, that's about all I have for now, things have been really good as far as following the spirit goes. I have also been reading a lot of teachings of the living prophets, and they always have a lot of really good advice. I hope everything continues good with all of you, Mom I will pray fervently for your wrist to make a quick and full recovery. Also I will continue praying for Barb and for the entire Burt family.
Love you all

"But look how they treat us
Make us believers
We fight their battles
Then they deceive us
Tried to control us
They couldn't hold us
Cause we just move forward
Like Buffalo Soldiers"

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