Monday, January 24, 2011

"...we were liberated to play soccer for this one day!"

We finally broke the Quebec curse!! It had been seven months since the last baptism here, and finally we stopped that with Laynife (whose name I have been writing and saying wrong since I met her).
She was baptized on Saturday and confirmed Sunday. It was really good, her mom, who is Catholic and didn't go to the baptism of the older daughter, went to the baptism and confirmation, and we are going to work with her.
Today was Zone P-day with president, and we were liberated to play soccer for this one day! Elder Allred is here in the zone, so we played on the same team and remembered the good old days, scoring sick goals left and right.
It´s safe to say that the Brazilians were all dang surprised that we were able to chop them. We played for about two hours before lunch and two after, it was refreshing.
We also went to an all-you-can-eat ice creamery, that was pretty good, but I am feeling pretty sick now. That will pass quickly.
Speaking of stomach feelings, how does heartburn feel? I fear that I have heartburn, it's basically a sensation that I feel like it would be good to throw up at any moment, this weird pain in the esophagus only. I have had this sensation since about Saturday, I will call sister Tavares about it.
I'm dang stoked that Spencer got his eagle!! That's what I'm talking about!
Our group of investigators shrunk, a lot of people are just too lazy to pray or read, so that makes it really hard for them to progress.
Rosangela is basically stuck. She has been reading the Book of Mormon like nuts, already got to Alma. But she can't really go to church because she has to take care of her mother in law. Her mother in law doesn't like to go to church, so really she is in a pickle. We are coming to a crucial point wit her.
So we found out about the transfers today, Elder De Azevedo is being transferred and I will NOT be training! Yeah! My new comp will be Elder Prado, from Goiânia. I have heard that he is dang cool. I have had comps from almost every part of Brasil now- the northeast, the north (3), São Paulo, now the Midwest. I just need a comp from the south to finish things off. Aside from that change, our district will stay the same. I'm glad, I really like the Elders here.
Everything is good here, I am dang stoked to be here. I have passed through a lot of testimonial challenges and have gotten a lot stronger. I have made no doubt a ton of friends for life, and my shot has become harder and more accurate hahaha. Weird that I have gotten better at soccer without playing.
Thanks for verifying all the info for my college, generally we leave the mission a couple weeks before our entry date, so I'm pretty sure that I will be back in time to start without any problems. Is there any way to renew my drivers license from here, or will I have to do another drivers test and stuff when I get back?
Thanks for all the things you have all done for me, it has made things really easy here.
Love you all

Sorry, no photos

"And the story goes on
there's no glory and the worry takes a toll on
his own body but his buddies wanna roll on
It's all bloody when the car comes to a stop
the police with the big glocks pull 'em out
they say freeze but there's only one one comin out
there's two dead with a legal gun to his head
It's stupid, he shoulda played ball instead"

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