Monday, November 30, 2009


Hello!!! Has my memory card arrived yet? It's a little concerning if not cause I just sent it like a normal letter. But I hope it arrives soon. This week hás been really great holy dang.
The thing that is the most notable is that we baptized Luciléia!!! She is a friend of a member and we taught her for about three weeks before baptizing her. She was really super ready and very excited. It almost didn't happen, because her parents were a little concerned about it being too soon. But we went and talked to them the day of the baptism and talked to them and they chilled. It's amazing how much easier missionary work is when the members help! It is definitely easier to get in and talk to people and for them to trust you IF their friend is a member and is helping us teach. So tell all your Young Women in particular to get in gear and get their friends on the path to salvation!
At times we under analyze the importance of baptisms and they become just a number or an event, but in reality NOBODY can be exalted in the kingdom of God without baptism.
We taught less lessons this week, we were mostly Just focused on preppin Luci for the baptism. But yesterday we found two absolutely golden houses/families. I think we can progress them quickly, they both have a lot of faith and great desire to learn what path God really hás for them, which is sick and really rare.
Things are going a ton better with my comp this week, less temper tantrums and stuff. He is trying to convince me to give him my ipod. I think I will decline his generous offer LoL. I am progressing a lot in the language. I think I have gotten to the point where it is tôo time consuming to translate things so I think words in Portuguese which is MARVELOUS!!! Dang it's Nice. There are certain words that are very hard to say in English, like missionary, Jesus Christ, God, also, planner, companion, among others. It's pretty boss for me, but it's gonna be a pain for you guys when I return haha.
I celebrated Thanksgiving with a nice lunch at a member's house, teaching all over the city, and some juice at night. I can't believe I have been in Brasil for three months already, so dang crazy!!!! And today I have been in Cambe for one month, also just nuts. Time flies cause I'm Just always doing stuff, I sleep less, but during the night instead of the morning like I used to, and immersing in the work of the Lord.
Dang the scriptures are NUTS to study, so much cool stuff that makes me want to just study all day. I started reading Jesus the Christ, so dang DOPE. Dang it's cool to learn this kind of stuff about the Savior. I think I'll be like a scholar by the time I get back with all the stuff I'm learning already. I know a few things for certain about when I get back; I Will start writing a lot basically about what I see in the world around me; I Will study Spanish and hopefully Hebrew; I Will keep making music but with like everybody. Spencer you gotta GO to Utah state or Utah or somewhere close so we can make a trumpet rap band. And seriously get ready for your mission, it needs to be a thought you keep with you always. The same can be said for any young man. I am excited for the day when I can dread my hair after returning home from a mission served honorably and with all the strength of my heart and soul.
Really I'm loving Cambé and my mission more every day. The people are so ill, the ward is great, the only thing I still haven't gotten used to is having freaking 90 degree weather and rain every day in the run-up to Christmas!! So so strange. Mom and Dad, you Will absolutely love serving your mission together, it will be fun for us children to write weekly emails tôo!!
Really I think the things about me here in the mission field (I didn't change much in the MTC) are that I am much more patient, I'm more tranquil and not so attracted to bagunça, and I have a lot more appreciation and Love for all of the people that have done so so so so much to help me get to the point where I AM today. Your words of wisdom were not all in vain, I am finally developing (mentally/emotionally) into a manchild that can do something with my life and with the world presented to me. Without your help I think I would probably be fat on the couch in some dismal apartment.
Thanks for the email, I would really like it IF each member of the family could hit me with an email each week talking about their activities, advice, thoughts, whatever (Dad, eu não esqueci o discurso de Elder Ballard em conferencia do sacerdócio sobre a gente). Much Love for all of you in the family, and some love for everyone else LoL!!!
<3 Elder Joey
Moroni 8:3

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