Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"I'm doing well and loooooving it here!"

Well I just barely realized that the transfer ends next week!  DANG this transfer went by super super fast.  On Monday or Tuesday or something we will find out if either of us will be transferred.  The president prays about who needs to go where.  I'm hoping we both stay because we have Vilma and her family who will be baptized at the end of the month and Vinicius, Eloisa, Bianca, and Vini who are also coming along really well.  And we have been putting up solid, solid numbers, so I think maybe we will both stay.
This last week went by really fast.  We have been teaching a lot, and its been really fun.  Vinicius is getting a lot more comfortable with us and with the Book of Mormon.  Eloisa wants to go to church pretty bad, but Vinicius is still a little nervous and his mom is sick.  So we are praying that she gets better and they get to church.  They definitely already know that the Book of Mormon is true and that our message is different.  The last time we were there they just started BASHING the Jehovah´s Witnesses, which was a little uncomfortable for us but true, we teach with the spirit.
It has rained here about every day for the last two weeks, its really annoying.  I have been carrying around the umbrella you guys sent me, and it is great because it is nice and small.  But it isn’t as strong as some, it often folds inside out and I have to fix it, haha it's no problem though.  Some missionaries, basically, just are huge pessimists and give up really easily.  They always have a problem with the leadership of the Zone or the District or the mission… its really obnoxious.  But I basically just ignore everything they say.  They go home if they cant find people to teach, which is the worst idea ever.  And one of them is always sick or injured.  But me and Thrapp just make a lot of jokes about it and offer to help, so that’s really the best way.
Sorry I didn’t get photos to you last week, the Lan house we were using was the worst and we couldn’t get either of our cameras to connect to a computer.  The one we are in now is sick, so I'll send a few.
Really we haven’t seen a lot of great events or anything.  We found a member that just got out of prison for killing a guy, that was a great conversation.  He said it was in self defense, but he went to prison for over a year (which is a LONG time in Brazil) so I dunno what his deal is.
Well I don’t have a whole lot more to say.  I think I remember you saying about the time I got into the field that Marty was making like a newsletter, did that ever happen? If so, It never came.
Thanks for the support, I'm doing well and loooooving it here!  If it still has not been sent, you could throw in a sheet or two of those Jesus stickers if they are easily obtainable.  Love You all!!

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