Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"...just doing what I know is right..."

Yoooo this week has been pretty good, really different for sure. My new comp does things totally differently. We still work til 9 or 9:30 every night.
One thing I really love about Cambé is the homeless people. Elder Thrapp and I made good friends with a couple. I will always talk to them.
We have been averaging just 3 or 4 lessons a day… yesterday he went to a leadership meeting and I worked in our area with a couple other newer missionaries. We taught six lessons before 4 o clock, which is the hardest part of the day to find people.
This is going to be a good experience of becoming more humble and really just doing what I know is right because of me.
We have not really found any really good people in the last little bit. Vinicius and his family are doing really, really well. They are going to church on Sunday and everything. We will pass by there tonight and teach them a little bit more. They are a really cool family, really close, and they like talking about social issues and stuff. I have really enjoyed talking about that kind of stuff with them.
The economic crisis came up while we were talking to an investigator, and I was able to share some knowledge about how it went down, that was nice to talk about that stuff again.
There is a big problem here with the health posts. The medical system here is socialized, so there are little clinics scattered throughout the city. But they have been overcrowded and people aren’t getting the attention they need. It's too bad, but still much better than it would be if they had to pay for their medical care, in which case they would just have to go without.
About missionties, that’s probably a good idea to cancel. Dad, I got your letter about marriage and stuff. It was sent by you on the 7th, postmarked on the 12th, and I got it on the 23rd. Divorce is legal, but difficult. The real problem is that people don’t want to get married because it is expensive, like 100 dollars. So there are few people that are actually married. It’s still a problem, just not as big as I think it used to be.
Elder Thrapp is still close by. The mission is divided in six or seven zones, two of which are in the Londrina area. He is a leader of Tiradentes, so we are in the same zone still, and will probably work together one of these days. They call every day to see how the day was and stuff. It’s a pretty cool system, and we can exchange jokes LoL.
Basically this week is going to be really interesting; I hope we can improve things here!!
Love you all, thanks for the emails and everything!

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