Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"That is the Holy Ghost testifying, suckas!"

My friend Miguel


Hey family how is it going? Everything is going well here, we have had a really good week and received a lot of help.
We started teaching this really solid family the other day. Their names are Floriswaldo (weird name), Eva (Eve), Luis Henrique, and Felipe. They are Catholic, which is pretty rare in Londrina.
I will go off the subject real quick and note that in Medianeira, EVERYONE was a practicing Catholic, but here it is probably 1 in 17 that belong to that church. Everyone else goes to Evangelical churches, the strongest being the Assembly of God, followed probably by the Universal Church, then God is Love. This makes our work a little bit easier, because really these Evangelical churches contrast more with the truth we teach.
LeGrand Richards said that really the only churches who can claim, logically, in any way to be true are the Roman Catholic Church and the C.J.C.L.D.S. I would add to the list Judaism, Islam and other non-christian churches, as they don't use the New Testament and therefore don't know that priesthood authority even exists. All Evangelical and Protestant churches are reforms of Catholicism, and have absolutely no just claim to Priesthood. So yeah, when we teach them, they see the need, whereas Catholics believe they have authority. Well, their doctrine says they do, but here few actually know anything about anything.
Anyway, back on topic. Floriswaldo and family are super bomb, they really liked the Restoration and all prayed, all receiving a desire to know more. That is the Holy Ghost testifying, suckas! They will probably go to church on Sunday and we will work like crazy with them.
Also we taught João and his family, who are super solid. They asked a lot of questions (What is the name of Jesus, why can't you kiss girls, what do we need to know before being baptized, and other less important stuff. We watched the movie of the Restoration with them, and it was really spiritual.
Celia said she became friends with all of you on Facebook, that's pretty cool, she was pretty excited when I told her that I had a page. She is a pretty fun woman, and likes to make us food and stuff.
People here get the impression that I am some kind of superstar soccer player because of the photos I have of me playing with long hair. They are probably right.
I think I am getting better at soccer even though I haven't played in almost a year. Speaking of which, I will hit the one year mark next week, that's pretty weird, but whatever.
We went to this nature park last P-day and we saw Capybara there. Yes, those huge rat-pigs that me and all of my friends swore to defeat. It's safe to say I chased them back into the forest. This email ended up being mostly just a history of religions in Londrina, sorry! Thanks for your emails. Dad, did you delete your email account or something? The Postmaster sent me an email saying that the family email to you didn't go through.
I'll add an interesting pick-up line that was yelled at me this week. "It's ("It" being me) not margarine, but it is Delicious!" There is this margarine brand here called Delicious. Apparently it is a very classless thing to say to a person, but I take it as a compliment just the same.
Love you all
A nice waterfall


Feeding some animal

"But look how they treat us
Make us believers
We fight their battles
Then they deceive us
Tried to control us
They couldn't hold us
Cause we just move forward
Like Buffalo Soldiers"

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  1. It looks like that is a coati that Joey is feeding in the last photo.