Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"I guess with time they will understand. But maybe not."

Teaching a tortoise

"One year!"

Well, one year ago I left home. That's pretty weird, the time has gone by very fast, oh well.
Well, this week basically all of our investigators bailed.
Floriswaldo and Eva said that they are going to stay Catholic because their oldest son has a group at the church, but that they will pay us a visit one of these Sundays. João and his family are never home.
The only investigators that have really put a little effort into things are Getulio and his grandson Gabriel. They both went to church on Sunday, and Getulio is starting to really like it. But he also doesn't really understand, he just goes because he likes what he hears there. Gabriel just goes so he can mess with my calculator watch.
The metal one is reserved for Miguel, who walks from his family to us at the beginning of every sacrament meeting to pick up my watch. It is the only thing that keeps him quiet, so it's fine with me.
Well, this letter is probably going to be pretty negative and short, because really almost nothing good has happened in the last week. We finally got a member (returned missionary) to teach with us on Saturday, but he spent the whole time lecturing us about how good of a missionary he was and what we are doing wrong. Also President Tavares created a new rule that we can't do divisions with members, so that will further impede our progress. I guess it will help us somehow, but I can't imagine how.
I'm also pretty sick of how seemingly immune to understanding what we say people are. We have to explain really simple things, like "The Book of Mormon is like the Bible, but it was written in the Americas", at least 4 or 5 times, and also watch a movie, before the people seem to finally get it. I have an easier time getting babies here to understand me and to stop causing problems and making noise than I have getting adults in college to understand the idea that Jesus and the Apostles were rejected. I guess with time they will understand. But maybe not. We will have to do something different, we will figure it out.
People here traditionally send a letter to their ward at various parts of their mission, should I send one to the Woodruff Ward?
Love you

Elder Parrott and Webb, from my district in the MTC

A child, Eduardo Moroni

"But look how they treat us
Make us believers
We fight their battles
Then they deceive us
Tried to control us
They couldn't hold us
Cause we just move forward
Like Buffalo Soldiers"

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