Monday, March 28, 2011

"We helped a member build a wall..."

This week was super uneventful.
One thing pretty interesting is that I seem to have an allergy to the north side of the city. I have a runny and congested nose like I had basically the whole time I was in Semiramis. It is kinda weird, I think I am a little bit allergic to the dust here, which is abundant because of the construction happening here. I talked to Sister Tavares, she told me to get some allergy medicine. So we will see what happens with that.
Well, Rodrigo smoked marijuana and cigarettes again. We took all his cigarettes from him and he said he only lights up socially, so he will basically have to stand up to his friends and tell them that he won't smoke weed anymore.
We are hoping to baptize him and his brother Clayton on Saturday between sessions of conference. We will work a lot with them this week.
Our other investigators have basically all fallen through. We honestly didn't do the best work this week, so we really didn't have a lot of result. I couldn't really have expected anything different.
So on tomorrow Elder Allred and I will work together for the day, that will be a classic. It's pretty weird to think that we kicked it at USU and now almost two years later we are working together like 5,000 miles from home. But a classic no doubt.
Really nothing interesting happened this week. We helped a member build a wall, that was kinda cool, but I got a pretty heavy sunburn on the part of the neck that the collar generally covers.
Well, I hope things are better this week. We have some pretty high goals, so we are stoked to make it happen.

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