Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"...five baptisms planned for Sunday, so pray for that to work out."

It's becoming almost tradition to write my emails to you guys on Tuesday instead of Monday. Yesterday we had another zone P-day with President. We went to this member's ranch. Ranches (CHACARA--I don't really know what the best word for this would be in English) in Brasil have soccer fields and pools and stuff. Also this one had a monkey and other animals.
So basically I just spent the whole time playing soccer on a grass field for the first time since that tournament with Logan and Kristen and their friends about 22 months ago. Its safe to say it was super tiring, like after one minute my lungs were already sore. But also it was super refreshing being able to kick a ball. I shoot better than before and I am just better overall. Which doesn't make sense since I have stopped playing.
We had interviews yesterday as well, and in the end there was no time leftover to use the internet, so President let us use it today. But once again I have so little time it's nuts.
But our investigator pool is good, we have about five baptisms planned for Sunday, so pray for that to work out.
The coolest is Yara, whose husband was baptized 30 years ago but went inactive. He stopped us on the street and we have been teaching them. They went to church the last two weeks. They are super self motivated, they go by taxi to church and arranged their marriage.
Also we are teaching Solange and her family. Her husband died two weeks ago, the same day her youngest of seven children was born. She is a relative of a member, so we visited her and she went to church with five children. She really needs the gospel, so we will work with her a lot on everything, especially the plan of salvation.
Thanks for everything, love you all!


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  1. I love that he knows exactly when his last soccer game on grass was!