Tuesday, May 3, 2011

" We had a super spiritual conference with Elder Araujo..."

I wrote this a day late because yesterday Elder Villela, Elder Markham (our roommate/district leader) and I were in Londrina for some super sick training. I'll explain more about that later.
I'm stoked Osama is dead. Now all justification for the Afghan war is gone. Yes, their government isn't self sufficient. Yes, there is a big chance that Taliban will take over again. Yes, the republicans will keep preaching the Monroe Doctrine as long as possible, but in the end we just need to bounce and stop causing problems in other countries.
President Tavares sent us this really ominous email about the possible dangers to American missionaries. He said we should have a bag ready with a change of clothes so we can leave quickly if anything goes down, that we should have a "safe house" at a members residence in case someone is following us, and a few other anti-terrorist tips. But I think the most effective of all is the fact that Bin Laden basically caused 10 years of death and suffering for two Muslim countries. I think it is very unlikely that we would be the victim of any retaliatory attack.
But on with the letter.
We had a lot of success this week. We taught for the first time on Thursday this teen named Inara, who went to church once. We had a goal to baptize someone this weekend, so we invited her and she accepted. But in the end her parents and friend who is a member talked her into waiting a while longer. That is a little unfortunate, but alright.
On Saturday we had to go do an interview in a city in our zone called Lençois Paulista, so we got a bus there at 8ish. As we were arriving in the city we got a call informing us that she was on the way to Bauru because her dad got in a motorcycle accident there. So we turned around and went back. We ate lunch and soon after received a call telling us that she would be back in Lençois at 6 to be interviewed. So we got another bus back that took forever. Finally I interviewed her at 8 pm.
It was funny, I told her I am American and she was like "Wow, it's always been my dream to see an American up close!" So I was like, "Well, alright," and proceeded with the interview.
We stayed the night with the Elders there and got a bus home at 5:40 Sunday morning full of young adults on the way home from some party. This kid threw up behind me. Then we got home, showered, changed, packed up stuff for the conference in Londrina, went to church, ate lunch, and got a bus for Londrina at 3. We got there at 9:30ish and had to wake up at 5:30 yesterday.
We had a super spiritual conference with Elder Araujo (that dude that told the story about how he was inactive and surfing and a member walked out in the water to get him to go to church... I dunno if you remember that.). It was dang sick. We were going to stay til today, but President canceled the meetings we would have today. So we got a bus at midnight and got here at 4:30 am. And that pretty much brings us to now.
That might have not been a very interesting email, sorry. But I'm psyched to skype on Sunday! I will log in at 3:00-3:30 Brasil time, that's the best way for us. I will log on to my email, same system as last time. I don't have the member's phone number here, but I'll email it to you if a problem arises.
Love you all, talk to you soon!


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