Monday, June 27, 2011

"He lives right next to this house that sells drugs day and night..."

Looking back on this week, I have been less stressed I think. Our zone had a good week as far as baptisms go, so that probably contributed to the positive feelings.
Anderson didn't go to church yesterday, and we haven't been able to talk to him since Friday. We made a goal with him to stop smoking cigarettes by tomorrow, hopefully that didn't spark a crack relapse. He lives right next to this house that sells drugs day and night, so that is a rough temptation. He got a job, but somehow lost all his identification and worker card, so he has to redo all those docs. That might take a while.
The ward had the June party on Thursday. I think it is pretty weird that the church in Brazil doesn't see any problem with a holiday commemorating Saint John. I think the whole saint thing will take a couple generations to wear off. That is if any current members make it beyond this generation.
Anyway the party was cool, a lot of inactive members from other wards found out about the party and went. Also a ton of members brought their friends who liked the party a lot. We have started teaching a few of them, they seem like good prospects. Unfortunately I was doing a two hour baptismal interview with Augusto during most of the party. I wish I could tell you what went down. He got baptized in the end, so its fine.
Yesterday in sacrament meeting, a member was speaking and said that Freud (that perverted psychologist) was one of the greatest scientists of the last 200 years, up there with Einstein and Marx (who he talked a lot about during the talk.) That was a good laugh for me and Elder Stinocher. I don't think anyone else knew who those three are, so it went mostly unnoticed.
Well the week was pretty much a big rush with divisions, baptismal interviews, problems with a companionship, and all that. But it was solid.
Love you all


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