Monday, June 13, 2011

"We fasted with her on Friday..."

We had a pretty good zone leader conference at the mission home in Londrina, it was good. We talked a lot about beginning teaching and asking good inspired questions. It was a productive conference.
Things are a little down in the mission at this point, basically a lot of the good zone leaders and a good assistant went home, so there is like a huge leadership lack in the mission. There are like 10 people in their first or second transfer as zone leader, kinda ineffective at this point, but probably the noobs will pick it up.
We have this investigator named Paloma. She went to church two weeks ago, and we have been visiting her frequently. She stopped smoking and keeps all the things we leave for her to do, but she didn't feel like she was ready to be baptized, but had no motive aside from wanting to wait. We fasted with her on Friday so she could know if God wanted her to be baptized, and she got the answer that yes, he does, but she still feels insecure. We marked her baptism for Wednesday and an interview on Tuesday. Hopefully we and the interviewer can get her confident and stoked.
That's about all I have as far as work goes. We got some hilarious new "Preach My Gospel" dvds, they show missionaries teaching before and after the new fundamental principles system. Dang hilarious.
Love you all


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