Monday, June 20, 2011

"He didn't smoke marijuana all week and only smoked crack once."

Well this was a disappointing week. We had a lot of baptisms lined up in the zone, but three interviews fell through or didn't pass. Paloma was one of them, she said she would go to the interview, but in the end just didn't. Later that day (Saturday) she had her son Felipe tell us that she didn't want to continue her studies with us anymore. Pretty disappointing, but whatever. In the end it's her loss.
We keep teaching Anderson. He didn't smoke marijuana all week and only smoked crack once. He has cut in half the number of cigarettes he smokes per day, he is doing great. He is really dedicated, and we have seen him changing a lot in the last few days. He also hasn't been drinking. We are going to try to get him more independent to maybe baptize him this weekend, but baptizing him early (before he is totally good) would be suicide.
Things are pretty good, really not a lot to report this week. Elder Stinocher and Sherwood are talking a lot about how soon I will be home (for example, yesterday we were eating sweet rice, and I was like "this tastes like horchata." Then Elder Sherwood just says "you will be drinking horchata again like eight weeks from now" it was kinda a surprise.) But it hasn't been too distracting.
Love you all, have a great week


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