Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"...that is the most I have ever taught in a week..."

Hello everyone, this week has been solid.  Vinicius and his family all went to church on Sunday, so that's a solid victory.  They said it was really different than their church, but they liked it.  We are going back there tomorrow to teach them again, and hopefully finalize a baptism date!  Eloisa just needs to stop smoking, that's going to be the real battle.  We don't have a big pool of solid investigators right now, so we have been a lot of searching lately.
We did exchanges with the zone leaders on Monday, that was pretty cool.  I was with Elder M. Almeida in their area.  He is learning English really well, but it is kinda a pain to talk to him in English because it's a lot slower than Portuguese.  But he is a cool guy. He wants to go to BYU after his mission.
Hmm what else has happened lately... well I read a scripture in Mosiah that made me give money to this beggar lady who asked me for money while breast feeding her child in the shopping area where there are a ton of people.  Normally I just don't give them money, just like a pamphlet or something, but I decided she was a good cause.  
I have pretty much adjusted to sleeping from 10:30 pm to 6:30 am (finally after only 5 months!!) and the days are a lot more enjoyable and productive now.  
Something I enjoy more and more is personal study time in the morning.  I have basically just stopped reading lineally (word?)  and read by topic, so I jump all over the place but find a lot of greeeat information!!  That is by far the best way to study, in my opinion.
Are a lot of people inactive in America?  We just run into inactive members all the time.  I think they don't really understand what baptism means, what the sacrament represents, or something else because they often times start going to different churches.  Something interesting about the evangelical churches here is that during prayer, they always mutter stuff about Jesus and say amen and stuff during the prayer.  Some people do it really loudly, and it gets distracting.  But if it helps them feel the spirit I guess its ok.
Well it has been a pretty uneventful week to tell they truth.  Just a lot of new people and a loooot of duds that are not really too interested.  We taught a total of 34 lessons last week, that is the most I have ever taught in a week, so that's exciting.  I hope we can break the record this week too.
Well that's about all I have to say.  Time here goes by sooo fast, when I started the days seemed really long, but now it's like lunch, oh dang its already 5, or crap its 8, ah it's 10:15, then ah 6:30 already... it is the best!!  
As long as we missionaries focus on what we are doing and what we are teaching, we forget about trivial things like time.  Well, love you all, keep CTRing!

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