Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Every person has their agency, that is something we rejoice in."

Yooo this week has been the jam, I have learned a ton of stuff!!  During personal study time I have been in the habit of using just The Book of Mormon with a little Bible thrown in for good measure. But every transfer, Pres. Leal gives us a study guide.  In this one he suggested studying Preach My Gospel for 40 minutes of our 60 minute study time.  I pretty much saw that and ignored it.  Then one day Elder TenGaio suggested that I study PMG to get the insight that President obviously knew we could get from it.  So I was like “Ok” and tried it out.  Basically the next study time I did was the most effective I have had.  I read something in PMG about applying everything we study to the investigators, not to us.  That works sooo well!!! Dang I found a lot of stuff for them, and on the journey I found a ton of stuff that can help me personally.  It really is ILL how well the scriptures written anciently and by modern prophets can help us in our difficulties.  I am still reading Jesus the Christ too, and I keep learning such cool stuff in there too.
Well, we have not really found a ton of really cool people here recently.  We will keep working diligently to find better new investigators.  Its weird, people will accept a baptismal date the first time they meet us, and the next time we visit them they want nothing to do with us!!  Its so whack.
It really is important to have the people in complete focus, just concentrate everything on them in order to get them what they need.  Stephen Jensen (my friend from Alpine from my group in the MTC) sent me a really cool email that has helped me a lot in the last week.  He talked a bunch about how important it is to give everything to the people.  It's so true, and as I have been thinking about that, I have realized how much dislike there is from some people toward the other people, and especially toward other churches.  One person here used to said something rude about every church we walked past, using the word “Apostasy” incorrectly.  Elder Thrapp was cool, understood the need for the restored church, but didn't bash others (we even stopped to watch bits of other church services at times, and it was really interesting to see how they worship).  
It's important to not have the self-righteousness that can be present among some missionaries.  Yes, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the only church with ALL of the truths of Christ.  Yes, it is the only church with Priesthood authority to perform saving ordinances.  But just because someone does not want to listen to our message does NOT mean that they are an evil, devil worshiping, Telestial-bound son/daughter of perdition.  
Every person has their agency, that is something we rejoice in.  They might reject an answer to their prayers and continue in their less-correct ways, but that does not EVER give ANYONE less than Jesus Christ the right to judge them or condemn them.
Seeing some judgmental hypocrisy has made me do a lot of thinking.  I remember a song that I used to listen to a lot, “Us” by Brother Ali.  It talks a lot about how important it is that we never judge anyone because of their beliefs, color, style, speech, or anything else.  “The same color blood runs through all of our veins” is something I really like to think.  
I guess the moral of the story is just don't judge.  Do what Jesus would do and break free from the chains of the natural man.  Because your enemy is of the same nature, he just does something a little different with what it gave him.

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  1. Hey! :) Keep up the good work over there! :) It's great seeing your testimony grow :] take care!