Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"... I accidentally lit my hand on fire while burning a cockroach."

Hey everyone, this week has been another good one.  It’s Carnival, so we have to be home by 9 instead of 9:30.  I don’t really know why, here in Cambé carnival means nothing beyond stores and banks being closed.  Hey Dad, what was it like in Rio during Carnival?
A lot of really rad stuff happened this week.  First, we found a bunch of really cool people that we can help this week after a long time of kinda grinding our days out with mediocrity and little success.  We found a lot of families, which is really cool.  There is one really cool family that Elder TeNgaio and Thrapp found when they were on a division together.  Unfortunately elder T recorded the wrong address so we lost them for a while.  But we felt one evening that it would be an excellent idea to go find them, so we went and found them at home.  They are really cool, accepted the Book of Mormon and are reading it and feeling the spirit like crazy!  So that’s something really Ill that has happened.  
I don’t know if I already told you or not, but I accidentally lit my hand on fire while burning a cockroach.  I poured rubbing alcohol on its dead body (I don’t know why we do that, but every missionary does) and lit it.  Unfortunately I had spilled a little bit of alcohol on my hand and it caught fire.  So that was an interesting moment.  All of this happened while I was going to the bathroom in the middle of the night, so I wasn’t completely alert.  But I wasn’t injured, just a little blister on one of my fingers.  
Vinicius and his family have kinda started to lose focus.  They have not been able to hear a lesson in a while because of sickness and Carnival and stuff like that.  Hopefully we can get them back on track.
We had a zone conference on Monday that was just absolute bliss.  President Leal and the assistants dropped us a ton of ridiculously good stuff to help us out.  
Turns out I have not been putting NEARLY enough influence on what Jesus did while he was here. Normally we explain that the church that He organized was destroyed, and stayed lost for many centuries, setting people up to appreciate the Restoration.  But something important that I had overlooked is that if someone thinks Joseph Smith was a prophet, but doesn’t know that their sins can be washed away and they can have eternal life, they really can't partake of the atonement.  So now I have started teaching a lot more about the atonement in the first lesson, and it has become a lot more spiritual.
Something else President Leal suggested is something I think is ILLL and I think it can help people here and there too.  It would be really cool if you guys (specifically the family, but really anyone is welcome) could send me an email sharing and explaining your testimonies of and any personal experiences related to:
1.      God is our Heavenly Father, and loves us
2.      God proves he loves us by calling prophets in all dispensations
3.      Jesus is the Messiah and we can gain exaltation through him
4.      The Restoration

I would like to hear this stuff to help me and to share with people we teach too.  Feel free to send in English or Portuguese, I can translate LoL (not funny, don’t know why I wrote LoL).
Love you all much, Happy Valentines Day!

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