Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"I know we are going to do a lot of miracles here in this city."

Hello everyone!
Thank you all for the outpouring of concern over my diarrhea, I got better after a few days.  I went to the hospital on like Wednesday or Thursday, they told me to deal with it and prescribed some medications for the stomach ache.  So gradually the stomachache, then diarrhea, the headache, then sore throat, then pressure in the head went away.  Now I am feeling like 85 percent, so it's goood times here! 
My birthday was good, we went to Foz for district meeting, which is always nice.  My district is soooooo much cooler than the one in Cambé, we actually were able to help one another with stuff.  We ate in a restaurant there because it takes a long time to travel back to Medianeira. We didn't get back until three.  But we ate a bunch of candy that you sent (THANK YOU!!!) and pretty much opened presents and of course made a special documentary of the whole event. 
I have to say, if there is any way to study a language, it is with preach my gospel and the Book of Mormon in that language!  I am not going to start studying in Spanish for a while (I need to get better at Portuguese first LoL) but I know that it will be a breeze once I get it going.  Something very interesting about Portuguese and Spanish is that they are basically written the same and have the same relationships to English. 
For example, words that end in "tion" in English are generally the same in Portuguese, but with "ção" at the end instead.  Spanish replaces it with "cíon".  So presentation would be presentação in Portuguese and presentacíon in Spanish.  Anyways, that is all completely irrelevant.  What I am trying to say is THANK you all very much for all of the wonderful gifts of love!!
This week was my first in Medianeira, and I have to say that I am more stoked for the next five than I have been since the beginning of my mission.  First off, this city is absolutely gorgeous. It's only 50 years old like most of Paraná, but it's chock-full of cool people. 
There is a little branch here, like 50 member frequency each week.  The branch president lived in the United States with his family for like seven years, so of course they all speak fluent English and just want to talk to me all the time.  But the people here are all really cool.  We have a lot of really solid investigators, but not a very big pool of investigators because with both of us sick last week we were not able to do very much work.  But we have a couple that has been working toward getting married for months, and finally we will have the privilege of seeing them through the final step on April 7th, the day of their marriage and baptism (and churrasco after)! We are also teaching a really cool couple that is progressing a ton, they are great people. 
Elder Carmo is super super sick!!  Well that could have dual meaning, but now I am referring solely to the part of being a great missionary!  Holy Crap he is a boss dude, humble, knowledgeable, ambitious and spiritual!  He is a funny guy, always got some weird joke or something up his sleeve.  I know we are going to do a lot of miracles here in this city. 
Well, our district changed since last week so now it is just us and the zone leaders.  That is going to be ill too, because, Elder Carmo's trainer is one of the ZLs and I have heard good things.  Basically I am just really excited about this transfer!  I think it is going to be one of the best I will have in my mission. 
I love you all, thanks for all your emails!  Don't hesitate to send them, I can easily print them out and read them if they are long.  I think I will start writing more letters by hand because our time is very short here on the computer!  I pray for you all, please pray with us for Medianeira and its citizens!

PS We live in an apartment, but we are right smack in the middle of the city by the huge Catholic church and the square, super luck!  We also have air conditioning... Celestial!

PSS I am so glad you got the package, I hope that stuff is cool!  (I have been told by several Brazilians that I have bad taste/style when I show them my photos LoL!)

Tudo que faz, faz com amor (everything you do, do with love)

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