Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"...I begin to smash uncertainty like a dude at the circus with a huge hammer."

Yoo fam how is the US of A? Everything here is going really well. In the last week or so we have had a lot of changes as far as our teaching pool goes. It is incredible how fast investigators go from zero to hero or do the inverse.
Ederson and Flavia basically decided that it wasn't for them. Well, that is not entirely accurate, really Ederson knows it is true but Flavia is too nervous to give it a chance. So we can't really do anything there, Ederson is correct to put family unity above two shady foreign youths LoL.
But they were replaced by a plethora of other families with even more potential. The best families we have started teaching as of late are Carlinhos and Tania, Nelson and Noely, Arcenio and Sirleine, Erci and Sonia, Patricia and Eder, and Dulce. These people were all taught on Monday or Tuesday. They ALL have a lot of desire and celestial potential, so that's super boss to see that comin through.
One of the chronic problems is MARRIAGE!!! AHH dang. Carlinhos and Tania are super ILL but they are not married because Carlinhos is still married to another woman! It's freakin criminal, and it takes forever to resolve stuff like that. But we are working a lot with all of these people and we will see how it all goes down in the next little bit.
Ari and Neide... ahhhh well we were deceived by the former companion of Elder Carmo. He said that everything was good with them, that they had solid testimonies and were super prepped for baptism. So we went there to teach the restoration again to fortalize their faith. Well... turns out that Ari doesnt believe in living prophets, so basically we have a huge task to accomplish before the 7th. We almost have to start from scratch. BUT we still have lots of hope, he wants to do a BoM study with us, so I'm stoked for that.
Luiz and Lourdres are the crown jewel of our teaching pool. They are booooosss as can be. On Sunday they went to church and Lourdes brought her 91 year-old father. He really liked it because it was calm (which is a miracle, normally we have children running around like nuts). So maybe he will progress and be baptized too. But I don't want to be the one who baptizes a 91 year old dude, that has charges of Manslaughter written all over it.
But we are on the doorstep of baptizing them. They have been to church multiple times, keeping all of the commandments, and loving what we teach. But still Lourdes doesn't quite understand that this is THE church. So we will work with her a bit more on that this week and hopefully realize the baptism next Saturday.
Conference is gonna be Ill. We can go on Saturday if we go with investigators. On Sunday morning we will watch priesthood sesh, then watch the other two sessions as well. That's gonna be good stuff. Hopefully the mission gets me the general conference Liahona fast because that is where I begin to smash uncertainty like a dude at the circus with a huge hammer. (weird senseless analogy, sorry!)
Everything is chill here with my self esteem and all that. I am not lonely, everything is good with Carmo. I bought the bag with the money you gave me for Christmas. I don't need anything really. I will let you know if the situation gets bleak LoL
Well love you all, keep following the prophet and doing it happily.

Tudo que faz, faz com amor.

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