Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"I was working on Humility, but mastered it too fast"

We have found a TON of ILL people this week! We are both at 100 percent health wise, so we can walk all dang day in the heat and have no problems.
We have been marking a lot of baptisms, I think we marked either five or six yesterday, and FIRM people too! A lot of times we are encouraged to mark everyone we meet in this mission, and we mark a ton of people that will never progress. So this week we marked people that live close to the chapel, have the capacity to understand the gospel, and desire. It has been truly dope. We found this rad family late last night that we marked, they are all really cool.
I was stoked and surprised to see how big the difference is between the desire of new and old missionaries. We are both more into working like nuts than keeping a good rep with the LZs or anything like that. Elder Carmo celebrated eight months on the mission yesterday, I have almost seven... so we are at the same level and destroying everyone.
It is like when Harry Potter always caught the snitch at Hogwarts even though he was just a first-year; we too are murdering the opposition.
But it's not all spirit and balling here in Medianeira. The branch is in absolute disarray. People argue during class, point fingers, it is a MESS! We had 3 young women investigators at church on Sunday. Unfortunately the YW President is inactive. So they went to Relief Society, where two sisters fought about who would conduct during the musical number. One was calling others out because they had at one point been inactive. It is awful. EVERY time we eat at a member's house, they talk about other members of the ward. The Branch President is honestly the only thing holding this branch together. Elder Carmo and I are the 2nd counselor and secretary of the branch presidency.
There is a massive internal problem, and President has made it clear that this is what we need to fix. It is a massive task, so we are going to try to get President Leal to come here and burn everyone. We are working with five families to help them recognize why they are members of this church. Many, many people here have nothing close to a testimony.
We as missionaries are supposed to be responsible for bringing people to church and accompanying them to baptism. But both Elder Carmo and I had the feeling on Sunday "Its good we only had three investigators in church." It is just a mess, we were teaching the family of one of the girls that went to church, but when we went to teach them they said they did not want to hear any more because of what their daughter told them about church. We have a ton of work in front of us, but I know that if anyone can do it, Jesus can.
So we are doing our max, and leaving Him to do the miracles. The mish is definitely hard, but this has been the most spiritual and revealing week for me to this point. Basically we will never give up til we die, so don't worry about that.
Something interesting we have been doing that is completely against my nature is singing in some lessons. We have this one lady that is looking into the church. She likes to write hymns, so we were like, “Oooh”, brought our hymn books, and now we sing an opening and closing song.
She has opened up and progressed a ton since we started doing that, the change is awesome! She and her husband are really interested, she (Lourdes) wants him (Luiz) to get baptized ASAP. We are like "yeah Luiz, do it, get baptized!" But he wants to baptize his wife. Sick family devotion, but dang it! He needs to get baptized, get the priesthood, and baptize his wife! That would be two times dope!!
Well things are going swimmingly here. I would have to say that patience and perseverance are the traits I will be trying to improve this transfer/area. I was working on Humility, but mastered it too fast LoL.
Really I'm just a match trying to light candles on a windy night. OOOHH!!!!
Love you all,
Tudo que faz, faz com amor.

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