Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Well the big news is this: I got transferred! It was really weird to leave Cambé after four months there. I gave a talk on Sunday in sacrament meeting (at the same time as Charlotte lol), so I was able to thank the members for everything they have done there in that ward to help the missionaries. I pretty much knew I was leaving since Thursday, because that's when we picked up a new missionary from the bus station.
Elder TeNgaio had been asking to train, so it was pretty much a done deal. But I didn't know when I would leave or where to until Monday morning. I was told I was going to... Foz do Iguaçu!! Well, to the Zone of Foz.
I left Cambé on Monday night at about 10, caught a bus in Londrina at 11, and arrived today in Foz at 8. I chilled there with one of the zone leaders and Elder Parrot, by buddy from the MTC, until about 9:00, when my new companion, Elder Carmo arrived!
Our area is about an hour from the bus terminal in Foz, so we got on another bus and got here at about 10:00 am.
The city where we will work is called Medeaneira, a city of about 60 thousand citizens. So far is is SIIIICK!!!! It is a really classy city, the principal street is a lot like California, and the weather is too. It is nicely organized like Utah, with hundreds of square blocks. It is just a branch here, but we will see if it can survive our onslaught without becoming a ward!
Elder Carmo is from Belem, basically the northern-most city in Brasil. He just got done with a five day hospital stay because of Dengue (I don't know what that is in English) so he is still not 100 percent force, but soon will be.
I'm feeling pretty crappy, I have had diarrhea and a weird piercing stomach ache for the last 3-4 days. And as soon as we got off of the bus this morning I started getting this crappy sore throat! But it will go away with time and work.
I got the birthday package!! Dang, thanks for all the stuff!! Of course I didn't have the patience to wait until Monday to open everything, so I opened some stuff today! Dang perfect candy and watch and pens! Holy geez I never once could feel so high class until I put on this calculator watch! I see Bic changed the look of their pens, but not the functionality! The newsletter of what everyone is doing is sick! I didn't open anything else until now, but I read your note mom, thanks soo much!
This area just feels really good. I'm glad to be with a companion that has been out about the same amount of time as me, I think we can just destroy people's non-faith with our testimonies and irresistible charm. He is super funny, I'm going to make some good videos this transfer!
Well its really weird to leave Cambé, but it had to happen eventually! Really I don't have a ton of information to pass because I'm thinking about what's gonna happen from here on out instead of the past, but just know that I was suuuper happy for the last six months!
I will never forget Cambe and all the people I met there, especially Doublas and Andre, the homeless dudes. They are just pure life, you know? Andre is just perma-stoned, but that dude is what he is, and doesn't have any problem with himself. Obviously this would be even better if he were applying himself to something better than drug trafficking. Doublas is just concerned about what is important: his soul.
I was able to give him a used Book of Mormon before leaving, and the change in his eyes was instantaneous. Maybe one day his life will change. But now I know that the rough that surrounds the diamond can be just as valuable and important as the diamond, and without the rough, the diamond really doesn't shine.

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