Monday, October 25, 2010

"...this week was nothing short of sensational..."

Yeah, I was thinking a little bit this morning about how I have the best of both worlds, Jewish blood linking me to Judah and Mormonism in my heart, which is really the only thing that matters.
I think I will start an international organization one day called "Jewish in the flesh, Mormon in spirit" and only allow blood jews that are temple recommend holders in. I think it could be a big hit. How much Jewish blood do I have, is it just Great Grandmother Geri's mom? That's all I need, but it would be cool to have more information.
Well, President Tavares was doing a little training with the missionaries, bishops, and ward mission leaders on Sunday afternoon and he called me in for a mini interview to tell me that Barb passed away a bit ago. I already knew that she had probably died, but even so it was sad to hear.
I hope the family is doing ok, especially Grandpa and Grandma. I think it is probably toughest on them. I believe the funeral is today. I hope it is a nice service and people can feel happiness.
Well, this week was nothing short of sensational for us here in Semiramis (my comp cant figure the name of this area out, he thinks it is Semirabes). We marked baptism for Lourdes' three of-age daughters: Tainara, Ianara, and Kiara. They are good to go, Lourdes has been a really good example for them, and now the ward is starting to really help them out.
The Relief Society is going to start teaching Lourdes to read, that will be an immense help for her. The president of the relief society in this ward is really good, really dedicated to her calling and really willing to help people with their individual problems. So that has been a huge help for us.
There is this 12 year-old girl named Giovana here who for the last four years has been avoiding baptism. But after her mom went to the temple and prayed for her to be baptized, she decided that the time is now! So we will baptize her next Sunday, the 7th. When I say we will baptize her I mean we will teach the four lessons really fast, fill out her baptismal form, and watch her baptismal service. She has been going to church weekly for the last 12 years, already knows everything. So that is a huge blessing for that family.
Also we found this lady named Daniele. Her dad has been a member for a year, and apparently now is on a mission in France, where he was born. So Daniele went to church with us on Sunday, and she was planning on leaving after the first two hours to go to work. But she called her work and told them she would arrive late because she wanted to stay for sacrament meeting.
This was a very good thing, because we had the Primary Program! So everyone was just really happy, which Daniele said she was most looking for in a church, somewhere where she leaves feeling light and happy. So it went well on Sunday.
The members have kicked things into gear. Still only first gear, a step above neutral, but a gear nonetheless (is that a word, or should it be separated?). Another girl brought a friend to church on Sunday, and the members are integrating our investigators well.
Well, this week has been good. Mission life is getting better and better each week! I used to look forward to P-Day, but now it's basically just a lame day with nothing to do! Teaching is getting super good, my testimony is getting stronger every day, and we are seeing a ton of positive changes in the members and investigators here!
Love you all,

"But look how they treat us
Make us believers
We fight their battles
Then they deceive us
Tried to control us
They couldn't hold us
Cause we just move forward
Like Buffalo Soldiers"

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