Monday, November 1, 2010

"This ward is being blessed like never before."

Kiara, Ianara, and Tainara

Well we had the baptisms of Tainara, Ianara, and Kiara on Saturday, that was pretty dang nice. I baptized Kiara and Ianara, and Barbosa baptized Tainara. They are pretty dang stoked about their baptism, and I believe they will endure to the end.
Well, once again, the Lord has poured out blessings almost beyond our capacity to receive. We taught Giovana all of the four lessons in less than an hour, which is definitely a record. She is really quiet, and has been going to church her whole life, so we just killed like eight birds with one stone.
Her teaching record sheet is pretty funny, October 31 (HAPPY HALLOWEEN!) is the date for first contact, all of the lessons, all of the commandments, and everything else. A classic record that will be an interesting thing for future missionaries to ponder.
Also we got a reference from the zone leaders for a nine year old boy who went to church in a different ward with his cousins and lives in our area.
Now, I don't look for nine year-olds to teach and baptize, and for this I will never be assistant or anything like that. But hopefully through this kid we will baptize his mom and grandma, whom he lives with.
They already know a little about the church, and his grandma said that now she will really dedicate and pray about the restoration. The mom has already decided that she wants to get baptized, but she hates her sister, who is a member, very much, and doesn't want to be baptized with hate in her heart. We will work a lot with them and see if we can help them out.
Daniele went to church again, and liked it again. Our bishop asked us "Is she a visitor?" I said "No bishop, she is just a member who has never been to church before, that we are teaching, and we put on the progress record that we give to you. OF COURSE SHE IS A VISITOR!!!"
I didn't really say that, but it would have been funny. She brought a notebook and took notes and is learning like nuts. She will be baptized on the 20th, if not sooner.
Guilherme also came again, and once again enjoyed it. We are cultivating a good friendship with him, he is a solid dude. His baptism is marked for the 14th, the day of stake conference. I have very little doubt that he will be baptized. So we will probably pull off over a month of weekly baptisms, something that President Tavares has been preaching since the day he arrived but has thus far eluded me.
I have had this enormous feeling of gratitude writing emails to you and to President. Relating all of the miracles we have seen has really helped me recognize the amount of blessings we have received lately. This ward is being blessed like never before.
I feel so sad that Bert is stuck in Provo! I sent a letter to the MTC in Lima a long time ago thinking it would reach him about the day he arrived, but they probably have it there. Tell him I support him and to SMASH LIES, even there in the MTC.
I am sending letters to a few cats around the continent today: Evan, Nick, and McKay; and Scott Rogers in Belgium. I don't know if Matt ever got my letter that I sent about eight months ago, but I will send another soon.
Good news of the week: Spencer has carried on the family tradition of being the senior elected least ready for real life! YESSSS!!!! REPRESENT! Burt for life! It's funny because they think we are immature, then we get into college and just destroy all normal people.
I was thinking about college this morning and about how I applied for Huntsman Scholars as a freshman accidentally in the category for juniors in college, but dropped a train on everyone there. Moral of the story, Spencer will drop a train on everyone in college, and maintain all momentum because he is not lazy.
Well, may the peace, grace and love of Jesus Christ be with every one of you in your individual adventures.
Love you all
Elder D. Barbosa, Elder Reis, Elder Burt, Elder Galdino, Elder Corrêa, Elder Allred at a bus stop

"But look how they treat us
Make us believers
We fight their battles
Then they deceive us
Tried to control us
They couldn't hold us
Cause we just move forward
Like Buffalo Soldiers"

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