Monday, November 15, 2010

"Ah rice and beans, that definitely doesn't get old, jajaja."

Check out the name of this street, SO SICK

I will start off by saying that my companion lost his mission credit card, and our mission money is delayed, so I had to take some money out at the bank to email you guys. So yeah, I took out 20 reais, I don't know how many dollars that is, probably about 14.
We had a pretty normal week. Daniele seems to be avoiding us, I can't imagine why. We have called her a lot with no success and passed a lot by her house, but no cigar. Hopefully we can get in touch with her to find out what happened.
We had stake conference on Sunday, and it was easily the best stake conference I have attended. An Elder from the 70, Elder Araujo, came and gave a sensational talk about a bunch of stuff. He was really funny but also really spiritual.
Toward the end of his talk, he called all of the missionaries in the stake to the front of the chapel and started talking about how important we are. Then he had us sing "Called to Serve" in front of everyone, that was pretty/kinda cool.
Guilherme went tot the conference and liked it a lot. He is ready to get baptized on Saturday, but he thinks that maybe his mom will not approve. We are basically just going to be focusing on that the whole week.
I found peanut butter in the supermarket here, so I ate about 10 PBJ sandwiches since last Thursday. That is a very healthy meal, PBJ with milk, but my companion cannot understand how I can possibly consider a sandwich and milk, lunch. I let him try a sandwich, but he thinks that these things don't have nutritional value, that only rice and beans are food.
Ah rice and beans, that definitely doesn't get old, jajaja.
The other pairs here in the district are not doing well at all, they are both having companionship problems. They are hardly teaching anyone. So that is a little bit stressful but if they don't want to do anything,
I can't really force them. Kinda like my comp, he really doesn't want to do anything, but I drag him around with me all day so he doesn't get in the way of my mission being a success. He doesn't study ever, doesn't wake up at 6:30, and doesn't accept advice. But whatever, I'm pretty sure I will be transferred next transfer.
At the stake conference I saw Daniela, who me and C. Thrapp taught, and her RM husband Tiago. She almost died from appendicitis. She was in the hospital for three months, but now is almost completely recovered. I was really happy to see them and a bunch of other people from Cambé again.
That's basically all for now, love you all
The best breakfast, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, chocolate milk, and HORSES

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