Monday, November 8, 2010

"I must say, I am a pretty good confirmer."

The baptism

Us and Giovana

Yoooo family
So we have stayed on a roll, Giovana was baptized and confirmed yesterday. Her mom was DANG happy, she has been waiting for this day for a long time. A bunch of people came to the baptism to support from the ward here and from other wards throughout Londrina. The first photo attached is of the people at the baptism. A member from the ward baptized her and I confirmed her. I must say, I am a pretty good confirmer.
So our other main investigators, Guilherme, Daniele. and Bryan, are also doing very well. Guilherme has now been to church four times, is reading the BoM a lot, and is on the verge of baptism. He has already watched two baptismal services, and is good to go. Basically, it is either Saturday, Sunday, or next Saturday. He is the man, and he will probably go on a mission in three-ish years.
Daniele had to work on Sunday, but has expressed several times her desire to be baptized. With little doubt, she will be baptized on the 20th. She will be a great addition to the ward, she is intelligent and not crazy.
Bryan is a nine year old dude that is a nephew/cousin of members in another ward. We combined with his family to bring him to church here, and they visited. His grandma also came, who has been to church many times, likes the missionaries, and for the first time is taking the challenge of reading the BoM and praying seriously. Two of her daughters are members, and another, Bryan's mom, will basically be baptized when she can go to church. The problem with the family is that they work a lot, including a lot of Sundays. If it weren't for that, they would be members in a flash!
My diet is pretty dang unhealthy, I basically eat french bread and drink milk for breakfast and dinner. The real problem is lunch, which we eat at the members houses. There are many foods that do not need additional oil, but people put oil in them. My companion (Still Elder D. Barbosa) and I were prepping our pasta one day. I just boil water with a little salt. But he grabbed a bottle of oil and started dumping it in. I was like "Noooo!" but he thought that without oil it would be flavorless. That is probably why I have gained weight since my arrival, too much oil.
So our district leader became a zone leader in Londrina, so I became the district leader here. Basically it's the same thing, but the zone leaders call like 100 times a day and also the other missionaries call a lot. So yeah, really didn't change a lot.
Well, that's about all I have for now. It's almost Thanksgiving! YEAH!!!
Love you
Some girl that ate with us

The dopest district ever (not pictured: Elders Corrêa and Vogler

"But look how they treat us
Make us believers
We fight their battles
Then they deceive us
Tried to control us
They couldn't hold us
Cause we just move forward
Like Buffalo Soldiers"

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