Monday, November 29, 2010

"...when I say I, I mean the spirit and I, because my comp was asleep..."

So we had some progress with Bryan this week, we solidified his baptismal date for the 4th. He is super excited, his cousin is going to baptize him. His mom and grandma are extremely supportive and without a doubt are not far behind him. They all really like the church, have excellent examples, and its only a matter of time before we make them crack hahaha!
So Guilherme had kinda come to a standstill with the refusal of his mom. Fortunately, after a ton of prayer and meditation, I (when I say I, I mean the spirit and I, because my comp was asleep) decided we had to knock on all of the doors of his street until we found his house, because we only knew the street he lives on.
So Friday night we went to it. We found a few really good people to teach in the process, and after a bunch of detective work we figured out what house he lives in. Nobody was there, so we decided to pass the other day. It was last night that we passed and were able to catch his mom there.
Her name is Claudia, and as it turns out she is a really good person. She is just a little concerned because she recognizes that it is a big decision, and she doesn't want him to just jump in the water. In the end of out conversation, she said that it is his decision, and we promised her that we will do everything possible to prepare him for baptism. We hope to baptize him on the 11th, if not sooner. So that little discussion we had with her on Sunday night was probably the biggest success of the week.
I'm pretty stoked because all of the missionaries in the district are going to baptize this weekend! That means a lot of running from one end to the other to do interviews for the other pairs in the district and probably a division with the zone leaders to do interviews for other pairs in the zone. Our mission is starting to get things going as far as baptisms go.
We will have two awesome conferences next week. On the 9th, we will have a conference with President Ulises Soares, the president of the Brasil area. Then we have Christmas conference on the 10th. Both of these conferences will be with all of the missionaries of Paraná. So I will see some of my comps, like Elder Carmo and Elder Titus.
It has been a year since the last time I saw Elder Titus, that will be nice. I had a meeting with president and the assistants the other day, so I was able to crack some lame jokes with Jim/Elder Allred like the pre-mission days.
Well, everything is going well, moving forward. Love you all, congrats on the snow, accomplishments, and Thanksgiving! I ate PBJ on thanksgiving.
Love you all
The unknown Elder, Elder Sehn, Elder Barbosa, Elder Burt

Elder Burt and Elder Sehn

"One of them got out a revolver, and the man said, "Yes, this may scare people who believe in many gods and one world, because for them this would end everything. I am a person who believes in one god, but in many worlds. So you can't scare me with that."

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