Monday, December 6, 2010

"...our zone is off to a hot start this month."

So this week we have Mission Tour with President Soares and Christmas conference, so P-day only goes until one o'clock. So I don't have a lot of time.
This week was very eventful for the Londrina Tiradentes Northeast District(mine). On Friday, the investigator of Elder Vogeler, Regina, had her interview. So I talked to her for like an hour, and she was all set to be baptized on Saturday. So we left the interview room and she walked away with her boyfriend (who is a member) and I went looking for Elder Vogeler in the chapel, which happened to be full of young women stoked to see a new missionary. So I got out of there ASAP and found him playing basketball outside. I told him it was all good, so we went to say goodbye to Regina.
When we got there, her boyfriend had convinced her to put off her baptism til next week so he could organize a party. So that is way lame, we really wanted to have a district baptism weekend, but it's ok. I have to interview her again next week, so we will score some cake at the baptism.
Bryan came a long way this week. He, like most 9 year-olds, is not super mature, so we had to teach him in more creative ways, like threatening him with a knife lol, that was a joke.
Anyway, we watched church movies because that was basically the only way he would pay attention. His baptism was Sunday because his mom couldn't get work off on Saturday, but it was a very successful meeting. His mom and grandma got emotional, we are going to use that to get them going, and hopefully baptize them within the next month.
The other elders, Sehn and Ferreira, also baptized this girl named Suelen. Her interview was a lot shorter than the interview with Regina, but still good. Our district is bringin the heat, and our zone is off to a hot start this month. This zone is considered the zone where miracles don't happen, but we are changing that.
Well, thanks for the emails, sorry I don't have much time today.

Love you all, have a great week!

"One of them got out a revolver, and the man said, "Yes, this may scare people who believe in many gods and one world, because for them this would end everything. I am a person who believes in one god, but in many worlds. So you can't scare me with that."

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