Monday, February 7, 2011

"I fixed my bed, that would probably be the highlight of the week."

This week, as the subject states, was pretty lame. Really there were no new developments, so this email will likely be short.
We dropped a lot of old investigators that were just not moving forward, including Rosangela. She is at a point in her life in which she just doesn't want to make a big change. I believe that in the future she will be baptized.
Our investigators are not going to church and it is dang annoying. That has been a big struggle here in this area. I don't really know what more can be done.
We marked with a bunch of members to do divisions this week, we have two men to go with us every night, so that's going to help a lot.
Sometimes missionary work is just really lame. Yesterday we passed by about ten references and knocked doors for four hours and were not able to teach anyone. I know that there are probably missions in the world where that is normal, but it is really not what we are used to in Brasil. So Basically I will have to get used to it until I get a new area.
I fixed my bed, that would probably be the highlight of the week. I was sleeping on a mattress on the ground, but now I used a bunch of obsolete church materials to make supports for the parts of the bed that were broken. So it has been nice sleeping on a bed.
Love you

"And the story goes on
there's no glory and the worry takes a toll on
his own body but his buddies wanna roll on
It's all bloody when the car comes to a stop
the police with the big glocks pull 'em out
they say freeze but there's only one one comin out
there's two dead with a legal gun to his head
It's stupid, he shoulda played ball instead"

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