Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"...the spirit was bomb."

Well yesterday all day and this morning we were in conference with the leaders from the four zones in the proximity. It was dang sick, we studied some dang ill stuff and the spirit was bomb. So seeing as today is Tuesday, we were instructed to use internet briefly.
Sickest thing of the week... Charlotte is getting MARRIED!!!!!!! YEAAH!! That was basically the topic of various talks this conference, so that is good that you are following that counsel. It's going to be kinda weird to have in-laws, but whatever. I'm glad I'll be home in time to see it happen. And make some solid "Contacts" at the wedding rarrarra. YEAH!
Second sickest thing... This family we are teaching, Alecsandro and Adriana. We found them last Monday. They are not very religious, which is always good. They both read the Book of Mormon and are liking it. Alecsandro went to the Saturday morning session of conference and was impressed. Adriana didn't go because she is expecting a child in a few days. They have a lot of potential.
Third sickest thing... CONFERENCE!! The marriage talks stuck out a lot, dang Elder Scott put on the pressure like no other. We watched the Saturday morning session and the two on Sunday. I used the learning glasses, and most of the other people here really didn't get why I would possibly use glasses with no glass. They'll see...
Fourth sickest thing... Ten American missionaries that were without visas to come here got their visas!! They will get here tonight and two of them will sleep in our house. That will be quite the adventure, maybe.
Barack Obama came here basically to negotiate their visas and it looks like it worked jajaja.
Fifth sickest thing... Elder Amaral, he is dang sick
Sixth sickest thing... Working with old Jim for a day. It was pretty classic.
Rodrigo has basically disappeared, well see what happens with that.
Well, this email didn't turn out too bad I think. But alright yeah my English paragraph forming is toast.
Love you all


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