Monday, April 11, 2011

Transferred again

Well as the subject suggests, I have been transferred again! Actually, not til tomorrow, but tomorrow I will get a bus to Bauru, which is actually in the state of Sao Paulo. I will be a zone leader there with Elder Villela. I have worked with him a few times, he is a good guy and a dang hard worker. So I'm pretty stoked for that.
We had a lot of success this week with the new missionaries. We found a lot of new people and were able to teach more than I have taught in a long long time. We found a lot of good couples/families that will progress a lot. Alecsandro has kind of fallen off the map, I was finally able to talk to him yesterday, he said we can pass by on Wednesday, but I don't really know if he wants to receive us.
Well I need to go pack my bags and plan a ride to take me to the bus station tomorrow.
Love you all very much

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