Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"We are being blessed like nuts..."

This is the "Miracle Tent." The Stuff people go for here...

Well this week was a really good one for the majority of the investigators we have. Also I was close enough to two cows to take photos with both of them, so that's a bonus.
The Best story would arguably be with Lourdes. She is the Lady that has been pretty interested. So she had pretty much fallen off the map since the 17th, so we both were nervous that she was dodging us or something.
But we got a helping hand when this dude named Rafael was like "Hey are you guys the Mormon Elders?" I was like "Yeah, what you know about it?!" He gave us his address to talk to him another day and then was like "Oh are you going to visit Lourdes? She is my Aunt."
So he walked into her yard and knocked on her door and looked through her curtains and stuff. Eventually she invited us in. She had been out of town extensively. So we got to talking about the commandments, which she is already keeping. Then she had a question about what differentiates our baptism from the rest of the baptisms. I explained, and she was like, "But don't you think maybe Deus would get a little mad about me jumping around and getting baptized again?" I was like NO then explained more.
So in the end she was like "alright welll I will decide if I want to get baptized and let you know." So I have a lot of faith that she will decide yes. Then as we were about to leave, she asked us "Hey the Mormon Church exists in Cascavel too, right? I went there while I was visiting with my sister and now she is going to have the boys (Elders) visit her. I forgot to ask the Pastor (Bishop) his name, but the meeting was the same as it is here in Medianeira!"
I was so stoked, she went to church in an unfamiliar city without any encouragement or accompaniment from us. So I am really really stoked about her.
Also we went to Rafael´s house and he was not home. But his mom was like "Oh I was baptized in your church." So we went in and talked to her a lot, she has not had contact from anyone from the church in about 10 years. She really didn't understand almost anything, but was asking me a lot of interesting questions. So hopefully we can get her involved in the church again and help the rest of her family also affiliate with the Church of God.
Luiz missed church for the first time in months. He is still good, but I really hope he gets baptized before I leave this city. Oh yeah, I didn't get transferred, I kinda forgot that transfers happened. Me and Proulx will be here for at least the next transfer. I am glad, I really feel like I need to find someone here.
I think that someone might have been found yesterday, the day after the transfer. I had a really strong feeling to visit this one girl who once went to church with a friend, but never really expressed any interest. I didn't know where she lived, so I called Elder Carmo, who described how we could get to her house. We went to that street and knocked on the fourth house on the left. This lady answered the gate and I was like "Hey does Jessica live here?"
She was really friendly and told me that she lives next door. But we resolved that we would share the Restoration with this lady too. So she let us in and we started talking to her. She is: 1. Not convinced by the truth of her or any other church; 2. Very concerned about her family´s happiness and unity here on the earth; and 3. Very interested in knowing if she will see her parents or her son-in-law again, all of whom died in the last year. So she is ripe for the Plan of Salvation in her life. I am really stoked to go back and help her understand more and answer more of her questions. I believe firmly that if we do our part she and her ancestors will be blessed.
Well, Bardomiro, Marinalva, e familia continue to progress and be excited about the gospel. Their extended family is also getting involved, Bardo's brother took a Book of Mormon to Paraguay where he lives, where it will probably be shared with others. And Nalva's mom also wants to talk to us. We are being blessed like nuts, and it is nice to think about how incredible this area can become.
One last story. There is a family that lives in a smaller city about 20 minutes by bus from Medianeira. We decided to go there to have a family home evening with them because they are not totally active and, being far away, need contact with the church. So we got off our bus in that city and started walking to their house. We were climbing a hill and these two dudes were half walking half running behind us in an apparent attempt to catch up with us.
So I thought "GREAT we are gonna get robbed!" Fortunately I had my Brasilian watch on and not the calculator watch, so I wasn't too worried anyway. But one caught up to us and was like "Hey are you guys missionaries" I said yes, and started saying the name of the church. He was like "Yeah I know, I was baptized in the church about a year and a half ago, WHERE IS THE CHURCH IN THIS CITY!?!? I have been looking since I moved here." I told him how he could get to the church in Medianeira, and he was super excited. He will be there on Sunday.
He asked us to call him when we return to that city so we can visit him. He seems like a dedicated member, he was baptized in Evan's mission. We were elated to find out that there is someone in that city that can help the member family there be strengthened. Moral of the story: the Lord puts the right people in our path or puts us in their path. Always.
We accidentally taught at a prostitution house last night. I know that place looked shady...oh well, what can you do.
USA eliminated...5 minutes of intense sadness on Saturday.
Love you all VERY MUCH!

"I'll be comin, yes I'm comin
yo I'm on my way
Just stay
And I'll be there by the break of day"
-Matisyahu, "Thunder"

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