Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"It was a nice spiritual banquet."

Me and the Leals

Zona Foz and Distrito Cascavel

Yoooo family how are things there?!
I am really excited that you are recording all of the games of the world cup!! I am stoked, but really you don't need to do that. When you think about it, there are 64 games in the world cup, each lasting two hours. I will need to watch soccer for 128 hours to see it all. At eight hours per day, it will only take me 16 days to finish.
What I really want to see are the USA games and all of the games in the second round and beyond. But thank you so much, that is incredibly thoughtful. I got the debit card with the ill CTR stickers and funny card, thank you! Also got a card from Gam and letters from Nick, Cade, and Elder Yuma.
Well, we had zone conference on Monday. I would have to say that it was one of the highlights of my mission, we were really blessed with a lot of spirit. This was the last time we will see President and Sister Leal, so a lot of people got really emotional.
We got to eat at a churrascaria, which was unhealthy but solid, and take a lot of photos. I ran into a few good buddies there that are in the neighboring zone. Then Presidente interviewed Elder Proulx and me, then we caught the bus home. It was a nice spiritual banquet.
We had a lot of success at stake conference on Sunday. Six investigators made the hour journey with us, and there was a talk that was like exactly what Luiz needed to hear. He is going along step by step...steps smaller than we would like to see, but steps never the less.
So Presidente has banned any watching of world cup games, even those of Brasil. We were instructed by our zone leaders to just stay inside yesterday for a few hours because NOBODY wants to hear two "Germans" talk to them about a "Mormon Bible" while the pride of the nation takes on the weakest team in the world cup. The funny thing is that Brasil barely won, and there was a great deal of skepticism about the possibilities of success even in the group phase.
We have a lot of people to teach, so we do not have a lot of time to stop and think or get off focus, so that is a relief. This transfer has passed really fast so far, I think we only have two more weeks.
I believe Bert enters the MTC in a bit, that's cool. Then Zach is coming to the south, that's gonna be sick to have a high concentration of *Horses in this continent.
Mother, I hope you didn't break anything at Laurel Retreat! It's weird to think that a year ago me and Spencer gave you a ride there, that has passed very quickly.
Well, enjoy the cup. Seeing the little bits as we walk past bars and stuff has really made me miss playing for USU and intramurals and stuff, not to the point of distraction, but to the point of "Oh that will be nice."
I know that Jesus is the Christ, he is the Redeemer, and his complete gospel was restored through Joseph Smith.
Love you all
*Joey's rap band with three of the four members serving missions in South America.

Me eating

Us with Presidente

Me, Elder Costa. and Elder Sehn

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