Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"Arguably the most important day in US soccer history."

Well, it all comes down to this: 90 minutes against what should be a weak Algerian team that could finally put us on the world soccer map once and for all. I have been fasting and praying like never before that we win strongly. That was a joke LoL, I have not prayed for our boys once.
Anyway, this last week was a very good one. Elder Proulx and I were studying in Pregar meu Evangelho about the responsibilities of the ward leaders. I already realized that the branch here is dysfunctional, but Proulx was a little bit devastated by how poorly things function and how alone we are compared to Preach my Gospel standards. So we just started working even harder and we have seen great results from contacts on the street and people we found knocking doors.
This one family we found is really boss. The family consists of Bardomiro (weird name huh?), Marinalva, Angela, three other girls whose names end in "-gela" (very Utah-ish naming system, they must be ready for the gospel LoL), and Andre. We ran into them knocking doors.
They are Lutheran and pretty active in their church, but not necessarily convinced that it is the true church. In fact, Bardomiro told us that every day before leaving the house he prays and asks God to show him the true church. So that's pretty cool. We taught them about the restoration and the Book of Mormon and they all seemed really excited about it. So we are really stoked about that.
Also one of our investigators, Ivonete, is learning like nuts. She was nervous about praying about the Book of Mormon because she really fears God and knows that it's basically go-time or condemnation once she gets an answer. But she got up the gumption and prayed, then opened up the book. The first thing she read was in 3 Nephi when Jesus restored the authority to baptize to the Nephites. So she considered that an answer, along with the feelings of the Spirit that she felt. So yeah, she now has a higher level of commitment and desire to learn and follow the Savior.
We have been teaching a lot lately, we taught, I think, 15 lessons in the last two days and found something like 18 new investigators. So it's safe to say that we are stoked about what the near future will bring to Medianeira.
Transfers are next week, this transfer FLEW past, oh my geez. I think I will stay here, Leal will probably want to leave things as stable as possible for the arrival of President Tavares, which is also next week I think.

Sorry, no photos this week

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