Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"We are being very blessed here with happiness and success."

Zona Foz

Well this week we continued with success. Luiz expressed that he doesn't feel ready to be baptized, so we did a pre-interview with him. He knows about and believes everything except the current prophet. So we gave him a General Conference Liahona with the talks of Pres. Monson marked. He will definitely read, and I believe that he will get the understanding he needs in order to move on to baptism.
Along with Luiz, we had a really good week with a lot of our investigators. We continued teaching Lourdes, who made it to church before us, talked to president, then settled in really well in Relief Society. She will probably go with us to Stake Conference next week. She seems to accept basically everything we teach, and has desire to follow Christ. So that is good.
We have also been teaching Mueller, a friend (best friend) of our branch president. He is not super religious, but believes in Jesus Christ and God. We started teaching him in a really relaxed, almost casual way. We have had a lot of really good discussions about the need for a savior and the Book of Mormon. He went to church on Sunday and told us that night that he is ready to make more "steps into the darkness". We are really excited to work more with him and help him understand what Heavenly Father expects of him and how he can receive more blessings from Him.
Something we talked about a lot at our district meeting on Monday was promising blessings. Elder Cavalheiro said something really interesting along the lines of "We are the only people on the earth authorized to promise people blessings in the name of Jesus Christ, and many times we choose not to or forget to." That is a really good point, and I had been neglecting severely this authority that I have received. So in the last two days we have been promising blessings to people like nuts, and it really brings the Spirit and helps motivate people. Also I have tried to teach in a way more focused on the blessings that we receive through faith and obedience to the gospel, and people seem to understand a lot more the "Why" part of our message.
Brasil won its last warm-up game against Tanzania 5-1, so spirits are high heading into next Wednesday's match-up with North Korea. I am excited to know how the Yanks do against the Brits on Saturday. That would be GREAT, family, if you could hit me up with a complete rundown of the scores and goal scorers every week. I think it is the best way for me to not go crazy and not be so tempted to watch the games.
Someone tried to hit me with their car, that was kinda annoying. Elder Proulx was walking on the sidewalk and I on the street next to him. This car was coming toward us and moved toward where I was walking. I assumed they would correct their trajectory, but they didn't, and I had to jump out of the way. It was kinda funny in the end.
Ironic, mom, because I had read the Black History postcard you sent me that says "Hope nobody tries to hit you with a vehicle today" earlier that day LoL.
I got a bunch of letters, but the Zone Leaders forgot them on Monday, so I will get them on Sunday at Stake Conference. I heard that there are letters from Nick, Cade, Gam, Elder Yuma, and someone else maybe. Thank you to everyone, I will respond to all letters as I have time.
I discovered today that Fathers Day is on a different day, different month in fact, here in Brasil than it is in the United States of America! I looked in my little calendar I have and it said that Fathers day was August 8. I thought "I swear Dad's birthday isn't that close to Fathers day!" But today I made the discovery. So I will send you a card that hopefully will arrive before the day.
I have two requests: First, the recipe they use at Subway to make chocolate chip cookies. I bet you can find it on some weird cooking website or something. Or really whatever recipe for cookies would be bomb.
Also, what is the date the last photo was taken in the last DVD of photos I sent you? I will send another one next week.
Well, that's all for now. We are being very blessed here with happiness and success. I know that obedience and following Christ's example are the best ways to feel the spirit, and therefore happiness!
Love you all


Oh... the ball fell in the sewer and he was retrieving it.

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