Monday, November 9, 2009

Cambe, Brasil!

Hello!! I am in the same area that I started out in with one of the same guys, Elder Filadélfia, as my companion!! I'm psyched!! We don't have an address for the house we are at right now, but we receive mail quickly cause we are pretty close to the mission home. The area is cool but there are a million hills everywhere!! I like the people here a lot but they are sometimes too stuck in their ways to go to church or pray about the message or to read the Book of Mormon. So that kinda sucks, but it's still way cool. We have a few people who are progressing really well, hopefully they will be baptized this month. We eat breakfast at our house, usually toast and milk. We study till 10:30, then we usually go out and invite people to church or get referrals for families. We pretty much are only looking to teach families and men for whatever reason, maybe there is a shortage of priesthood or something. But we have lunch at a member´s house every day at 12:30 or they give us money to buy lunch, which is nice. We generally teach 5-7 lessons per day, which is awesome. It is usually either the Restoration for new investigators or why prayer is important for those who we already taught but haven't prayed. It's super fun though. It's hard to wake up cause we are working hard all dang day! I hate planning and updating the area book, but aside from that it's not bad at all. We talked with this guy, we just call him jungle man cause he lives in the forest. He lives in a shack the size of the kids' bathroom upstairs, with dogs and a chicken. He is SOOOO stinky, holy cow. He has no teeth and even my comp can't really understand a lot of what he says. So I don't understand a thing. But I am getting to the point where I can pretty much respond to questions and convince people to understand things and stuff. Like debating with a dude about why he should come to our church and check it out. I'm getting pretty good at Portuguese, but I still have loooads of work to do. I'm finally getting the music from the CDs onto my ipod, so that's gonna be awesome! We usually don't really eat dinner per se, it's often like we split a liter of Ice Cream or we eat some bread or something. But yeah, we pretty much teach people all day. Our top investigators right now are probably Dagmar and Karen, and Paulo, Gregorio, and Brasilini. They have all been to church once so we need to get them to go again and teach them a few more things. It's sick to have them at sacrament meeting, it shows progress. I hope they keep learning and feeling tha spirit.
I am emailing in an internet cafe. We have about an hour, but our mission doesn't have a rule. It's just a matter of getting around to other things. After we email, we are going to watch a movie at a member´s house. She is really cool. I don't have an umbrella yet, I'll buy one in the next couple of days. We shared yesterday, it rained a ton!! It's weird to have a lot of rain but still be hot outside. I like the sun a lot more, which we have today!! For Christmas, I probably want uhhhhh I dunno... just whatever would taste good. I don't want a lot of stuff to carry around with me, I want to somehow fit everything into one suitcase, that would be RAD!!! Oh the name of the city I am is in Cambé. We live in downtown, right next to a little park with a big fountain in it. Maybe you can find it on google earth or something. Love you all stay safe!!
Love, Joey

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