Monday, November 23, 2009

"...the gospel really is an amazing blessing in our lives..."

This week went SUPER well!! We had a lot of success as far as finding people and progressing goes. A word of caution, this space bar is the WORST so yeah a lot of miscues are on the way. I'll basically just start by talking about the investigators we have progressing right now. Basically the frontrunner is Lucileia. She is a good friend of a member so it is a lot easier to teach her. She is 16, has a 2 year old child, and works a freakin ton. So it's a little hard to schedule appointments with her but when we do she really likes them. Assuming she receives an answer that con certeza this church is true, she will be baptized on the 28th! SO BOSSSS!! At church on Sunday we had 10 investigators which is phenomenal!! Two families came: Izoni, Marlene and Jaine; and Luciano, Cristina, José, João Pedro, e Julio. I think we can progress with them pretty well. I'm liking the mission more and more and getting more used to working all the time. It's more fun now.
I shipped the memory card on Tuesday with a letter. Things have improved a lot as far as my attitude is concerned. I still have the same sentiments, but I have learned to control my emotions and work through problems. I find that it is much easier to get along with everyone when I am focused solely on spreading the joy and knowledge that can be found in the scriptures and in the gospel. It is so important to remember that the gospel really is an amazing blessing in our lives and we need to treasure it and share it with everyone. We were lunching at the house of a member and we were giving a spiritual thought. We were talking about missionary work and I had a thought; Imagine if every member of the church invited one person to church or another activity every day. We have what, 13 million members, so 13 MILLION convites every day!!! That would be absolutely phenomenal!! I like what Michelle said in that lesson, that's very true. Being an example is good, but we have been warned to warn our neighbors. So if we are truly living the gospel, we will have no problem inviting others all the time.
The food here is always the same but you know it's pretty good. I like rice a lot now, and I like beans now too. Geez dude Brazilians are picky and rude in comparison to American standards. Lots of chewing with mouths open and talking with food in the mouth. It's totally fine if the people do it, but I think as missionaries we should have a little more dignity and class, but JUST an opinion! It is so weird to be prepping for Christmas in 90+ degree weather. It's very different. My Portuguese has improved a lot in this last week, its a lot more fluid and sensible. I still need to expand my vocab a lot but I think it will just come with time. I have worked a lot on the ´LH´ sound, which I thought I was doing correctly but apparently was butchering. I guess we had some bribe from the mission president that if everyone baptized in November we could allgo to Foz de Iguazu para um conference ahhhh sorry mission conference. But that fell through so I guess maybe we will do it next month. I still think it's weird that we were bribed to baptize, but it's not my call lol so yeah. Well my comp is whining so I guess we gotta go. Much Love for all of you especially my family who I am sending this email to LoL!! (Didn't really make sense and was not funny. SORRY!!)



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