Monday, November 2, 2009

Ninth (and last) week in Sao Paulo Mission Training Center October 27, 2009

So this is my last week! I'm stoked. We have covered a lot in this last week (at least I have) and we will pretty much just be reviewing from here on out. I can converse well with almost all of the Brazilians. They are very nice to talk to. The six Brazilians that are going to Londrina are all super cool! We had to sing in the Sunday devotional because it was our last week, and I acted as translator for the choir. I think this next week will be total Bagunca in our classes.
So Elder Scott came on Friday. He spoke on general missionary stuff. It was cool to have an apostle there, but his talk was not at all eye-opening. But still, we got to shake hands and the Spirit was definitely there super strongly. It's cool, as he was speaking he would like just pause and look down. I think that he was just listening for direction from the Spirit. I think that is a super cool thing. Something that I would like to have the sensitivity and spirituality to do some day. The guy who spoke earlier in the week, Elder Codoi from the area 70 or something, was much more helpful (at least for me) because he spoke a lot about the divinity of our calls. It was good for me. I gained a better understanding that my specific skill set can help certain people in certain situations. So that was a cool part of the week.
Castellanos and Ellis left early Friday morning for Porto Allegre. They both seemed really ready. Castellanos is a phenomenal teacher and is very good at Portuguese. I wonder how their trainers and stuff are. I will know what it's all about soon. Elder Vogeler joined our district. He came the same day as us, but he was in a district with only Rio de Janiero-bound elders. They left on Friday, so he joined up with us. He is half Peruvian, his mom is from Lima. He speaks pretty good Portuguese, between me and Castellanos. I talked to him about Peru, he was actually there at the same time as me! He said he has been to Maccu Piccu also, he also loved it.
Today (Monday) we had our exit meetings. One was just informational; we board the bus at 4:00 AM on Friday. Our flight leaves at 6:25 and we arrive in Londrina at 7:30. I think that it would be like a 6-10 hour drive; I think it would be much more cost-effective if we went over on a bus. But I'm psyched, we could easily have time to teach a lesson or do some street contacts that evening! I guess I'll meet my trainer that day, I don't know if an American or Brazilian would be better. I guess both would have their benefits. We also had a meeting with the MTC executive secretary (the president is out of town) and he pretty much just encouraged us to work hard and dedicate ourselves. Then we had a two hour health meeting that was VERY informative! We got a booklet on exercise, which I have not yet read. I hope to get good at pushups during my mission; 30 minutes a day should be pretty good for making me super ripped.
On Sunday, everyone from our district who had not yet spoken in sacrament meeting gave a talk. I decided to try it in Portuguese, and it went really well. I did a Lord of the Rings analogy in my talk on obedience, it was actually a good fit for the topic.
I went to the temple today for the last time for two years!! That is going to be kinda weird, I wish we had one in our mission. Maybe we will be able to go to Curitaba or something, but not likely.
Well, I am low on paper and lower on time. I love you all, the MTC has been great, but it's about to get greater! Eu sei que esta igreja e verdadeira. O Livro de Mormon foi traduzido por o autoridade de Deus por meio de Joseph Smith. Temos profetas hoje. Sei que podemos viver por eternidade com Deus e com nossas familias. Cristo vive. O trabalho do senho va continuar a todas pessoas.
Love always,

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