Monday, November 16, 2009

"...Spam that was more liquefied"

Hello family!!

Parabens that Charlotte didn't die!! Haha ringworm that sucks! Tell her to just live at the detox center. Sounds like you are all staying nice and busy! I got your missionties, that was nice thanks!! I am already receiving Philly's emails through his mom somehow, his first email was in my inbox today. I didn’t realize that I could continue using missionties, I had a revelation when I read that, Dad. I think maybe I will start making copies of my journal entries and mailing those to you! Its hard to write in my journal every day cause we are always on the move and we have very little time at night, but I still have an entry for every day so far.
Grandpa had pneumonia AGAIN!!?? Geez that’s rough. One of the elders who arrived with me, Elder Vogeler, had pneumonia also and couldn’t work for like a full week. We had a zone conference and Jim was there!! That was pretty ill to see him and converse with him in Portuguese. Basically we don’t eat dinner here cause dinner isn’t really big in Brasil. Lunch his usually very big then dinner is very small. So it's fine. The food we eat at lunch is usually very good but my companion likes some of the nastiest crap, like basically Spam that was more liquefied. We won't get that again LoL it was awful. We taught a lot of lessons with members this week, I think like 15. It helps a lot to have a member there. Things are about the same as far as investigators go, none are really close to baptism or progressing. We had two come to stake conference with us, but they are both pretty new. We have goals that don’t really make sense, like usually 7 new investigators a day. It's hard to teach people and help them progress if we are just teaching new people all the time. But hopefully we can find someone good soon and get a baptism this month!
The weather here is so different. Its either sunny or raining. The worst is after the rain cause it's as hot as normal sunny days but there is a ton of dang humidity so it feels like a sauna! Everyone here just wears flip flops all the time, it's weird. Babies, old people, rich, poor, everyone. I think I will buy a pair of Havainas, it's what everyone here wears. And they are like 6 reais, so that’s a pretty stellar deal. What do you guys want me to send for Natal? I have seen people selling hammocks a lot, I could send one of them. Its just a matter of shipping cost really cause that is pretty costly. If you could give me an estimate of how much you want spent I could get stuff together and ship it sooner. Speaking of sending stuff, I am FINALLY sending the memory card today!! Sorry it took so long, but I have been collecting photos. I withdrew some money from my personal account to develop photos to keep here with me that I like, so it's ready to go!
I tell everyone here that there is snow at my house right now and it's like the veil had been removed from their eyes. Nobody here has ever seen snow, its totally foreign to them. Portuguese is pretty rough, it's super frustrating not being able to say some stuff or understand like anything. I think I understand less every day, which is a little concerning but whatever. I guess I'll either learn it or go insane and be shipped home! I think the former is more likely than the latter. I'll keep working at it.
Hey some advice: In the past studying Isiah (I don’t know how to spell it in English; Isaias) or parts of it in 2 Nephi SUCKED but if you use the footnotes like crazy there is a lot to learn. But it also still doesn’t make sense at times, I spent like 20 minutes trying to figure out a verse today it was a nightmare!!
Anyways, I gotta go. I Love you all and hope you have a great week!!

P.S. When is thanksgiving? I want to buy some kind of meat or something haha!

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