Monday, November 2, 2009

In Londrina! November 2, 2009

Hello!! We got here on Friday morning at about 7:30 as planned. The mission pres, his wife, the AP´s, and some secretaries were there to greet us. We went to the mission home which is a really sick apartment. While there, we mostly slept, ate, and talked. We were all interviewed and we left for our areas. Unfortunately, transfers are not until today (Monday) so we didn't get trainers or a permanent area. Instead, E. Ghormley and I were dropped off in Cambé where two Brasilian elders were already working. So we moved in with them with three days work of gear and started working. My comp for the first day was Elder Costa, from São Paulo. He has been out for a year. We taught for most of the evening and had dinner at a member´s house. I mostly just testified and taught part of the lesson, and he answered most of the questions. It is still pretty dang hard to understand what people are saying all the time.
The next day we exchanged comps and I went with Elder Filadélfia, from Fortaleza. He has just one more transfer before he goes home. We taught all day, tons of walking and talking. To make things more strenuous, we were fasting and it is very very hot here. So I was thirsty, he was hungry, but we taught some cool people. I would definitely say that I have never been more tired in my life. Part of our job is to invite 30 people to church every day. It's pretty easy actually, it takes like 1 minute or less to talk to them. On Sunday, I was back with Elder Costa. We tried to pick up investigators up for church, but it didn't work. We went back for half of priesthood, which I fell asleep during rarra. During testimony meeting all of us bore our testimonies, which was definitely a great experience. We went to lunch at a member's house (we do this every day) where we ate a ton and, for whatever reason, watched Chicken Run. I fell asleep during that also. We contacted references for the rest of the day. At times, this can be very fruitful and amazing. For example, we were going to contact someone named Alan. He didn't live at the address we had, but Marcio did. He was actually really interested in the message. Pretty much, if we ask someone if we can share a message with them, they say yes. So the problem is not getting into people's homes, we teach 7-10 lessons a day easy. The problem is people keeping commitments. Obviously I can't really tell cause I have only been here for three days, but it seems like people are reluctant to even keep their first commitment, to pray about the message of the restoration. I don't know why. Most of the progressing investigators are hard to get to church. I hope I will be able to improve this once I enter my area.
Obviously today is P day. We got up, studied, and had a water balloon war!! I guess they had done it once before with just the two of them. But with all 4 of us it was fun bagunça! Then we went to the bank to get our allowance, picked up some ice cream (Dirt cheap and soooo good!) and now I am here emailing you! Cambé is pretty average as far as affluence goes. Some parts are quite wealthy and others are more poor. We do a lot more in the poor areas. We walk everywhere. Last night it took me and Costa 40 minutes to walk home from our last appointment!! But at least I will be strong and ready to start training for the speedwalking events in the Olympics so I can return here in a few years for free!! I sleep so solidly at night. Right now me and Ghorm are on mattresses on the floor, and I don't wake up at all from beginning to end. So that's pretty cool I guess. I wonder if I might stay in this area, Filadélfia is training someone here next transfer so maybe it is me, that would be pretty cool! I wonder how the other elders from our district are doing, it was kinda a weird way to leave everyone. We all piled into a van and they just started dropping people off. I know that Gibbons and Ingram are together, Parrott is by himself. Everyone else is a mystery, I think I will find out tonight. Our mission president, President Leal, is very, very cool. He seems humble and seems like he really is interested in what we are doing and wants us to be happy and to have fun. His wife is rad too, she is TINY (like she comes up to between my elbow and my shoulder. I hope you guys are mission presidents one day, that would be really cool!
Anyways, I have little time left. We leave here at 4 to Londrina, where we will get our trainers and assignments. I am so stoked to be fully engrossed in an area.
Tchau com muito amor por vocês!

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