Monday, November 2, 2009

Eighth week in Sao Paulo Mission Training Center October 20, 2009

Agora, Somente 2 mais!
So just after I sent you my letter last week, I found out that we will be leaving on the 30th! So we will fly out a week from Friday! Elder Scott will be here on the 23rd. So we will get to hear from him, which is so cool and lucky. All the other missionaries that arrived at the same time as us, that are going to Rio, Forteleza, or Porto Allegre all leave the morning of the 23rd so they miss him by just a few hours, that would be such a disappointment. But they get to start teaching people sooner, so it's a pretty ok trade either way.
This week has been very good. We just did normal stuff up until Friday, when we proselyted. We went to a place called Patriarch's Square, or something, it was an awesome area. There were people running all over the place, an incredible amount. We got two Books of Mormon per companionship. I handed mine to a young girl, probably about 15. She seemed quite interested. Elder Titus gave his to a young family; Dad, Mom, and a baby girl. They seemed so interested! It's nuts how ready people are to listen. Elder Yuma and Ghomley had probably the coolest story. They were just walking and this kid skateboarded up to them. He said that he had to talk to them because there was something different about them. So they taught him and he was super excited. After they left, he started showing other people the book and teaching them! It was crazy to hear how ready he was. There are a TON of bums. We talked with this guy named Kevin who is British. He had been released the day before, where he was doing time for drug trafficking. He wanted to talk with us, mostly because he had been able to speak only Portuguese for two years. He was so crazy. He kept almost hitting me with is lit cigarette because he was waving his arms around so much. He said he was Islamic, but he wanted a Bible. I had a spare, so I gave it to him. He seemed super crazy. He told me to quit my mission and make $500,000 a week with him. But I said no thanks. It's funny that people love the Bible, but do stuff like running drugs. I guess it isn't specifically listed in the Bible, but you would think people would assume it was wrong. Oh well. Then I talked with this guy who was either handicapped or just like permafried from drugs. He wanted God's phone number. So I told him how to pray; that was not what he wanted. He was looking for actual digits! So I told him some random numbers, and he wrote them down! He was really excited. I told him God loves him, and he got super happy and gave me a hug. This guy was sooo stinky! But he probably needed the hug, so it worked out. When we got to the point where we were supposed to rendezvous with the van, the van was not there yet. So we had to wait for over an hour for the van to show up. Meanwhile, Elder Yuma and I played our first soccer with a soccer ball in Brasil!! A guy was playing with another street vendor. So we asked if we could join. They said yes. We were definitely better than them, people kept watching and commenting. The van still didn't come. This huge parade was keeping it out. Basically a ton of college-age people were having a moving Halloween-type party in the streets. So naturally, there was a large amount of promiscuity and drunkenness. We had to walk through it to get to the van, that was super crazy! Lots of weird looks and comments! Elder Fujimoto will see that all the time (Rio). Londrina will be more basic, but still so awesome.
Too bad Spencer got sick. Just remember, Spencer, that it's better to be sick at home than when you go to college or on a mission. Actually now that I think of it, I don't remember ever being sick during college. But people here that get sick are just miserable! They get stuck in their rooms, can't do anything but read and their comps suffer. Jensen and Fujimoto are dealing with it now, Jensen is very sick. So get sick as much as you can now! The doctor here, who is one of the three senior elders, had a heart attack like last Wednesday. But he was back here at the MTC working today! The whole time he was in the hospital, he diagnosed people over the phone. He is really nice, super awesome! So dad, don't have a heart attack.
Things are still great, Elders Ellis and Castellanos leave on Friday morning. So we might get a new District Leader on Thursday. A new elder, Elder Voegller, is joining our district on Thursday because his whole district leaves on Friday. I used the rest of my Cheney's money today on internet and a cookie, so it was the perfect amount! Thanks again for everything.
Love you all, Be Christlike!

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