Sunday, October 25, 2009

First day and first letter home -- Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yooo! It's the first night here, it's super cool! Our flight from Dallas to Sao Paulo got delayed about two hours, it was super boring. But most of the elders were pretty cool. Thirteen of us flew out of Salt Lake. Then we met up with a bunch more in Dallas. I think out total was 29. It was a pretty cool sight. We got to the CTM around noon. We went straight to lunch, which was pretty good. We learned a bit about the MTC. We got our immunizations checked, then we walked around the area a little bit. It's a little bit weird. It's just like Peru was but a little cleaner, but I can't talk to anyone yet! If only I can get them to switch to Spanish...
My comp is Elder Titus. He is from Seattle. He is pretty quiet but he is also cool. He could have become a professional cyclist or gone on a mission, so he decided on the mish.
We start classes tomorrow after walking up at 6:30! Sao Paulo is beautiful, we have a killer view. Love you guys, don't die or anything. Pray and read! Joey

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