Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sixth week in Sao Paulo Mission Training Center October 6, 2009

Boa Tarde familia!
It's been a more eventful week, so I think this letter might be a little long lol. I hope you don't mind LOL!
So most of the week was spent preparing for proselytizing on Friday. We did like 50 practice lessons and crammed info for three or so days. We also had to learn how to approach people on the street and stuff. I found that the best way is just to ask them if they believe in God, then move it from there. So then Friday was proselytizing. We had class in the morning, had lunch, then got ready to go. Each companionship received only two books to give out, so that was pretty disappointing. But it still was a little nerve-wracking to go out there. So we prayed as a group then headed out. Then me and Titus prayed that we could know what direction to go. So then we headed out and started searching. I was super scared at first but then we were walking up this hill and I saw this guy leaning up against/sitting on a wall. So I was like “JACKPOT!”- so I went up and was like “Ola Senhor, como vai?” He said muito bem. I said, “voce acredita em Deus?”
“Certo, muito”
“Entao acredita em Jesus e sua Expiacao?”
“Sim, certo”
“Jesus Cristo foi um profeta durante sen ministerio na terra”
“Sim. Deus Sempre da profetas para ensinar as coisas que as pessoas precisam em cada tempo. Depues de Jesus Cristo e seus apostolos morreram, o autoridade para ensinar e falar com deus foi tirada da terra. Mas, porque Deus nos ama muito, O Evangelho verdadeiro foi restaurado a terra novamente.”
“Verdade! O Evangelho de Cristo foi restorado atraves de um reapaz nos Estados Unidos. Ele traduziu, com revelacao de Deus, O Livro de Mormon.”
“Que e isso?”
“O Livro de Mormon e um otro testemunho de Cristo. Depues da morte de Jesus, ele foi ressurretado. Na Biblia, diz que Ele teve otras pessoas a visitar. Estas pessoas foram os Americanos. Ele foi as Americas para ensinar as pessoas aqui.”
“Serio! Este e um presente de graca. Eu sei que quando voce lera e orara com fe, voce podera recibar respostas a suas perguntas.”
“E eu sei que esto livro e verdadeiro proque eu li o livro, e eu orei para saber a verdade destas coisas. Eu recibi um resposta atraves do esparito santo, que da um testemunha de paz, amor, e felizidade. Eu sei que pode recibar estas coisas tambem, para voce e sua familia. E um grande abencoe.”
“Voce ira ler e orar?”
“Si, eu vou.”
“Marvelhoso! Aqui em 3 Nefi 11 e o capitulo sobre o ministerio de Cristo nas Americas.”
“Muito bom. Obrigado!”
“Obrigado! Meu coracao e muito feliz para voce.”
“Obrigado. Boa tarde.”
I hope he really reads it, I think he probably will. We kept walking around for about 20 minutes before Titus found someone to teach. He did pretty well too, he talked a lot about the restoration. Most people were done around the same time as us. I was amazed at how willing people were to listen to us and accept the books. Very cool stuff.
Then we had conference. I learned a lot. It was weird to start watching the first session after having 1 hour of personal study, 3 hours of class, breakfast, and lunch. At home you usually had to wake me up for it. Holland is like the hero of the month here. Session 1 started at 1 o'clock, 2 stared at 5 o'clock, and priesthood was Sunday morning at 9. It was strange to break the ages-old tradition of eating after priesthood, enjoy that while you can!
I can't believe how fast time has gone by! We have like 2.5 weeks left in the CTM, it's unbelievable! We have a ton of stuff we still need to learn, but I think I will be fine. There is a widespread idea in our district that we will really learn the lessons and language in the field. We will learn a lot there, but honestly we have a TRAINING center for a reason, so we can be useful and prepared to teach when we arrive in our mission. They say, “Eat, drink, and be merry for in the field we will learn these things.” I think some might be in for a rough time.
We went to the temple again today, it was very nice. I think today will be a pretty relaxing P-day. Our Brazilian roommates left this morning for Recife. I'm pretty much out of information and time. This week will probably be a ton of studying, yipee! My goal is to have all of the lessons learned so it's just practice after this week.
Love you all, take care!

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