Sunday, October 25, 2009

Second week in Sao Paulo at the Mission Training Center Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our second week was just as action-packed as the first. We are in class for about 10 hours per day, sometimes more! It gets so hard to sit still. Most elders fall asleep a lot, but I have only fallen asleep once during instruction.
Fasting here is so militant! They disconnect all of the drinking fountains and shut down the cafeteria, so you really can't not fast. But Sunday is nice and relaxing. We get to hear from good speakers and testimony meeting is nice. I am starting to adjust to the schedule here a lot better. I go to sleep on time and I wake up on time, and it makes for much more productive days.
One of the elders in our district left the MTC today. It was a pretty big shock and blow to all of us. But I really think he will come back.
One of the elders in our district has been struggling with his faith, so I gave him a blessing tonight. It was a super spiritual experience. Today was a pretty intense roller coaster.
Things have pretty much stayed the same as last week, just a lot of learning. The food is still good. Today was Independence Day, so we had the national dish of Brasil. I thought it was good but as usual nobody else did.
Our mission apparently got split! Londrina no longer has the northern part that would have all the wildlife in it, so most of us are pretty bummed about that, but we don't know any concrete details.
The letters have been pouring in from across the globe. NOT! Just the one from you guys, thank you!
The weather here is crazy. It is hot from about 1 p.m. to bedtime. The air conditioning does not work, so we rely on fans and windows all the time. It has rained a couple times. When it rains here it really comes down hard! On the way home from the temple, the street flooded and our bus was like the only car that could make it.
You should all listen to the Brasilian national anthem. It is super cool. We sing it every week (or attempt to). Brasilieros are bad singers, but they really love to sing with force!
I am getting a lot better at scripture study. I am excited about the things in the Book of Mormon. It is hard to learn chapter by chapter like I used to read, but reading for an hour at a time is the best.
It is very safe here, I love you all, talk to you soon!
Elder Joey Burt

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