Sunday, October 25, 2009

First week in Sao Paulo at the Mission Training Center Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hello family!
Today is my first P-day, and its been a dooope week. We got here on Wednesday after a two hour delay to our flight. We spent that day getting unpacked and stuff, settling into our rooms. We ate and relaxed mostly. On the second day, we started class in the afternoon after orientation lectures all morning. Portugues is coming pretty easily for me, not so for most of my district. Having Spanish for a while really helped a ton.
My teachers' names are Irma Elias and Irma Aline. Elias doesn't speak a ton of English, but Aline does. My companion is the coolest one in the group. His name is Elder Titus and he is from Seattle. Had he skipped the mission, he would have become a professional Cyclist! He is quiet, but he is cool.
Some of our neighbors are ill. They tell me a lot of good advice, as well as some interesting activities for P-Day. Such as the light game and removing the wood that holds up the mattresses up on the beds. The Brasileiros tend to like me because I can understand them pretty well compared to most fifth day students. Soccer is banned here!! No soccer balls are even available to juggle. We played just a little with a volleyball, but its not the same at all. We saw like 15 soccer fields and courts on the way from the airport though, so i am sure I'll get my chance.
We went to the temple in Campinas this morning, then we came back and walked around a bit. Of course we all bought some interesting candies and drinks to keep in our rooms. I gained three pounds in the first four days here, so me and Titus are cutting back at meals. It's weird to not have music and internet and tv around all the time, but it's nice. It gives everyone a chance to actually focus and think about important things. All of my supplies have been working very well so far. I am used to wearing a shirt and tie now, but I still don't like it.
We start on our goal accomplishment milestones tomorrow in class. We have to pray and testify from memory in Portugues. It should be fairly easy. Pronunciations in this dang language are such a joke!!! Whoever decided to make the D make a GEE sound should be hung.
The females here are generally very good looking. But nothing worth moving here or dropping out of the mission for lol.
I was expecting to have like 1000 letters by now, but have only gotten 500 :( jaja, kidding I have zero. One of the elders in our district, Elder Castillanos, is fluent in Spanish, so he is the top dogg in Portugues, but I am most def number two. I just need to pound the lessons at this point. Spencer, the most important thing you can do before you leave is to learn chapter three of PMG backwards and front. If you do that you will be soooo far ahead and won't have to learn the lessons as much as the language of the lessons. Then you can focus on the intricacies of the language.
I need to head out now, we have companionship study. I love you guys, don't do anything silly!
Elder Joseph P Burt

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