Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fifth week in Sao Paulo Mission Training Center September 29, 2009

This week has been pretty awesome! I'll start on Saturday then work back and forth.
We had TRC on Saturday, which is where we get recorded teaching an “investigator” family who are actually members. It went very well. I got the “mom” to cry because of the restoration. It was cool.
It was a tumultuous week for the district. A few elders have been struggling with the rules and obedience. Our leaders talked to us, then we were interviewed individually about problems within the district. It is possible that we might get comp changes on Monday to help out those who are struggling.
As you know, this Sunday was Fast Sunday. It was awesome. Nine of the 12 members of our district bore our testimonies, it was great.
We went to the temple in Sao Paulo today, it was wicked ill. It's in a kinda crappy neighborhood, but the inside was sooo awesome.
There is one huge problem in the mission; we are not allowed to play soccer! So my two years in Brazil will be free of the only reason I knew about this country! GREAT!!! Well, maybe our mission president that is coming in July will change that rule. But, even if not, I can't do more than throw down my classic coping strategy: ok whatever.
Spencer, keep paying attention in seminary, and keep learning hymns. The people you serve will love you if you can play!
I'm on the bus on the way back from the temple and our driver took a scenic route so we could see some more variety. We drove through a more wealthy area and it was so cool. We proselytize on on Friday! I'm so so so so psyched for it! A little nervous, but less than most. I hope we can plant some seeds.
Most Brazilians speak little or no English, but some speak very well. The ones we teach have not spoken any English. The one I was talking soccer with was talking pretty fast, but clearly. I still claim USA as my team, it makes them crazy lol.
Anyways, glad things are going well. Obrigado por todas coisas! En Amo voces!
Elder Burt

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