Monday, October 26, 2009

Fourth week in Sao Paulo Mission Training Center Tuesday, September 22, 2009

We got two Brazilian roommates on Thursday! One, Elder Rodriguez is from Curitiba. The other, Elder M. Santos, is from the Amazon region. They are really quiet, but nice.
This week, week four, is considered the most difficult. We learned like three new verb conjunctions and got the first lesson down in Portuguese with questions and scriptures and stuff. It's pretty cool to teach in Portuguese, it flows pretty well now.
Knowing about soccer is soo nice! I can talk to almost any Brazilian. We have something we both know about. After we practiced teaching with a Brazilian district, I talked with the elders we were working with about world soccer for about 15 minutes. (Quite an achievement, speaking Portuguese for that long and not about the gospel) I gave Elder Titus recognized the importance of my knowledge, so I gave him a little lesson on soccer around the world. It really will be helpful.
We went to the Federal Police Station on Wednesday to become legal. We got fingerprinted and filled out forms. It was not super fun, but interesting to see.
I'm starting to pick words up and add them to my vocabulary subconsciously. So I can string sentences together pretty quickly without having to translate a lot in my head. As I use Spanish here and there, I notice the same thing; I don't know how I learned so much from so little formal training. I think the same happens for most people once they leave the MTC.
I hope I get a Brazilian trainer when I got to Londrina. I think there would be nothing better for learning quickly.
I was thinking the other day, and I can't even visualize using a phone anymore. I thought it would be tough to get used to not having one, but I didn't even think about it till yesterday! So crazy how things change here.
The gift certificate at Cheney's has been DELICIOUS, thank you muito!
Spencer, pay close attention in seminary. Really try to master Scripture Mastery, it's probably the most important part of seminary.
Everything is good, hope all is well there too.
Love you all

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